Name: Altarian Navarre [Male, half-elf, 3rd level enchanter, N (G)]

Submitted by: Kimberly Moser


Altarian, or Altar for short, is the youngest son of Angelea and Etienne Navarre. He has an older brother, Palis, and a younger sister, Annalise. He has black hair and green eyes. He keeps his hair in an odd style, the back is long and braided and the sides are short and trimmed just above his ears. Altar has inherited his father's lack of facial hair. He is 20 years old is 5'9" and weighs 140 pounds.

Altar is a serious young half-elf, not given to frivolity or excess. He wears shades of grey and black. Typically he wears a charcoal gray tunic with black breeches and black half-cloak.


Altar is devoted to the Art and its methodology. He is a fantastic researcher and to this end he is enrolled in the Lady's College in Silverymoon. Altar hopes to become one of the Spellguard. He dislikes the city of his birth, Arylon, and considers it savage and brutal. The only reason he returns from time to time is his family. He is devoted to his parents and adores his younger sister. He has a cold relationship with Palis. The two brothers are flip-sides of a coin and this has caused strife between them.

Current Activities:

Altar is currently in Arylon visiting with his parents. He has recently gifted his sister with an apprentice's spellbook. He is disappointed she decided to become a bard. He was hoping to take his sister back to Silverymoon with him.

Altar is certain Annalise's decision was influenced by Palis. He has exchanged some very harsh words with Palis concerning Annalise. Altar is determined to change his sister's mind and to this end, he has extended his stay in Arylon.

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