Welcome to the city of Arylon!

The Arylon City Project was begun back in February of 1998. The original members of the Arylon City Council were: Scott Bonner, Jeff Bray, Tim Haney, Hugo Lynch, Jenn Millington, Kimberly Moser, Daniel Perez and Clay Simmons. The project saw periodic changes in personnel. Later members included Vijay Barreto, Craig Sefton (webmaster), Jade Williams, Janessa Hall, Antje Helfrich, Linda Baxter, Scott Paddock, Bobby Nichols, Andrew Hackard, Erskine Fincher (me), and others. I was only a member of the project for about four months, so a history of the project is beyond my ability to write-- thank goodness.

In addition to the members of the project group itself, we were helped by members of the Forgotten Realms List and the Forgotten Realms Projects List. We received submissions from dozens of authors from those lists. The submissions were edited and voted on by the members of the project group. When a final version of the submission was approved, it was posted to the lists and placed on the Arylon City website. Of course, that makes it sound much easier than it ever was. Subs often underwent numerous revisions, frustrating both the councilors and the authors. Nonetheless, the project group managed to finalize over 120 submissions. I am working on making all of those submissions available, once again, on the internet. I may very well be missing some of the submissions that were published. If you know of one that I'm missing, forward it to me and I'll put it up.

Craig Sefton designed the original Arylon City website. It was much more elaborate than this page, but it has since disappeared from the internet.

I hope you enjoy looking at the works collected here, and discovering (or re-discovering) this piece of Realms List/AD&D history.


The Project:
The Arylon City Council
Contributors to the Arylon Project
History of the Town:
History of Arylon
Timeline of Arylon
The Town:
Arylon, A River Town: Being a description of the town and its environs.
The Communities of Arylon
A Short Tour of Dock Ward
Law Enforcement:
Arylon's Justice System
The Code Civil
The Silver Crescents - Defenders of Arylon
The Order of the Sphinx
The Order of the Griffin - Knights of Mystra
Submissions to the Project by Type:
Buildings of Arylon
NPCs of Arylon
Temples, Shrines and Holy Sites of Arylon
Organizations of Arylon
Other Subs
Complete List of Submissions

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