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This project collects misprints, typos, mislabelled pictures and charts - all the things that we find so annoying in our Realms stuff for the reference of Realms players and DMs forevermore. If you're reading an FR game product and you come across a mistake, please jot a note and eMail Project Officer Tom Cullen with your discovery - and correction, if possible. If not, we'll email the TSR Realms team and get the answer straight from them.

NOTE: that this product does NOT encompass the Realms computer games! Errors there are just as annoying, but we're focusing on things that might affect game play only. The project does include the novels, Dungeon modules, and Dragon articles set in the Realms. If you're reading a novel and you see a typo or something that must be a mistake, eMail it to me

Please use this template:

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  • Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too):
  • Description of error:


  • Product name: Gnomes of Nasalia
  • Page number: p. 25, paragraph 3
  • Description of error: This passage describes gnome nose-pickers made of brass, when everyone knows gnomes are allergic to tin. I suggest changingthis to copper.

You aren't required to use the template, though it can help standardize the format, especially if you're making multiple submissions in one email message.

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FR campaign setting

1"/30 mi map, eastern half, courtesy Erskine Fincher fincher2@nettally.com

1) The Standing Stone is shown north of the Moonsea Ride, but it should be south of that road and east of Rauthauvyr's Road.
2) Shadowdale is shown to be on the south bank of the River Ashaba, but it should be on the north bank.

Shadowdale booklet, courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

p19, c1, par:
The notes on the Elventrees seem to be in error for the year 1368 DR. According to FR7: Hall of Heroes Ilcurt and Lasha Elventree were killed in the battles with Zhentil Keep. Since the old Cyclopedia to the Realms doesn't note their deaths, it is left to the individual GM which text to follow. Also, Illistyl's tutor was Jhessail Silvertree. Illistyl is a Knight of Myth Drannor, and is described as a cg hf W6 in RoMD (released in the same year as the 2nd ed. Campaign setting).

Cyclopedia of the Realms, courtesy "Brian D. Gute" bgute@wyle.nrri.umn.edu

Page number: p. 27, Hill and Mountain Barbarians Description of error: Hill and Mountain barbarians are noted to live in the Earthrust Mountains. This should be the Earthfast Mountains.

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FRS1 The Dalelands

Errors in the Dales map, courtesy Erskine Fincher fincher2@nettally.com

1) The Tesh Trail is shown south of the River Tesh.
2) The River Ashaba is shown as having its source just south of Dagger Falls, while other maps show it beginning in the Dagger Hills.
3) The Dagger River is shown having its source east of the Tethymar Trail.
4) The Serpentsbridge is not shown.
5) The River Ashaba between Shadowdale and Mistledale follows an altered course, making almost a ninety degree turn to the south as it flows towards Ashabenford. 6) An unnamed river in Anauroch west of Aghazstamn's Lair is not shown.
7) The Glaun Bog is shown north of the Dun Hills.
8) The shape of the Dun Hills north and south of the River Ashaba is totally incorrect.
9) Lake Eredryie is not shown.
10) Hunter's Down is not shown.
11) An unnamed tributary of the River Ashaba just above Feather Falls is not shown.
12) Thunder Gap is referred to as Thunder Pass.
13) Treesedge in eastern Mistledale is not shown.
14) Plow Creek is not shown.
15) Yeven Trail is not shown.
16) Mistle Trail is unlabeled.
17) The Dark Road is unlabeled.
18) Glaun Barrow is not shown.
19) The Pool of Yeven and the River Ashaba where it flows into the pool are shown differently from the way they appear in the FR campaign setting map.
20) The Flaming Tower is shown northwest of Dagger Falls, where as the map in the FR campaign setting places it north of northeast.
21) The Moonsea coastline northwest of Hillsfar differs significantly from that shown in the FR campaign setting map and the Moonsea supplement map.
22) The Dragon Reach coastline south of Harrowdale shows a significant difference from what is shown in the FR campaign setting.

Missing maps, courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

Missing are the maps of two towns, Archendale and Essembra. They were printed in Dragon Magazine, issue #205.

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Faiths & Avatars

Courtesy Andrew J. Stott shadowkeep@geocities.com

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): p 104, 4th dot. Description of error:

"At 5th level, pains are able to cast Touch of Loviatar (as the 2nd-level spell) once per day. They may cast an additional Touch of Loviatar for every two experience levels they gain above 5th level."

The error is that the spell "Touch of Loviatar" doesn't exist to my knowledge. I presume the spell should be "Loviatar's Caress".

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Prayers From the Faithful

Courtesy Andrew J. Stott shadowkeep@geocities.com

page 7, 1st column , third last line.
Description of error: spelling error - "first of Gond" should be the spell "fist of Gond".

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

page 9, 3rd paragraph, line 1: Instead of "some 4,000 years ago" it should read "some 400 years ago," since Tyr is said in F&A to have appeared in the Realms "over a millenium ago but after most other Realms powers had established themselves."

page 27, par 4, li 1: Instead of "until 1244 DR" it should read "until 1344 DR"

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FR6 Dreams of the Red Wizards

Errors on the map, courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

Velprintalar is labeled Velfintalar
Emmech is labeled Emmeth
Hlammach is labeled Hlammath
Sarshel is labeled Songhal

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FR9 The Bloodstone Lands

Courtesy Mark Oliva birnensoft@t-online.de

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): Throughout the book, starting on Page 3
Description of error: The calendar is incorrect by a margin of -210 years throughout this book. Everytime that a date is shown, one must add 210 to the date to obtain the correct date in DR years. Author Rob Salvatore used a system known as FR years in this relatively early product, and TSR since has corrected Rob's timeline in other subsequent FR products. Thus, Zhengyi the Witch King appeared in Vaasa in 1347 DR, not 1137, as listed in the accessory, and he fell in 1359 DR, not 1149.

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): Many points throughout the book
Description of error: At several places in FR9, it is stated that Sir Gareth Dragonsbane and his companions killed the goddess Tiamat during their journey into the Lower Planes, which also was the result of the Module H4 Throne of Bloodstone. This information is not incorrect per se. In fact, it was official FR history for many years, but this history was officially changed in 1998 in the accessory Powers and Pantheons by Eric L. Boyd. Since FR9 was written, new FR rules have been established governing dealings between mortals and gods. It is now officially impossible for mortals like Sir Gareth to actually destroy a goddess like Tiamat, and in the revised history as of Powers and Pantheons, Sir Gareth and company actually destroyed only an avatar of Tiamat and not the goddess herself.

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The North boxed set

Errors in the Wilderness book, courtesy Mark Oliva birnensoft@t-online.de

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): Pages 18 and 58
Description of error: The problem is, that the product contradicts itself on the topic of the northern forest known as the Cold Wood/Coldwood.
Page 18, Red Tiger Tribe, Paragraph 1: "They (the tribe members) hunt in very small family groups and roam widely, primarily in the Cold Wood."
Page 58, The Coldwood, Paragraph 1: "This spine, birch and spruce forest is untouched by humankind. Snow cats (red tigers), ettin and orcs roam the wood. The Cold Wood is the usual site of Tulrun's Tent, a wizard's stronghold."
Resolution: There has been no official resolution from TSR that I'm aware of. Either the Red Tiger Tribe roams and hunts the wood and Talrun's Tent is there, or its untouched by humankind, but both can't be true.

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): All through the product (s. also above)
Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): not applicable
Description of error: slade never figured out whether the forest is the Cold Wood or the Coldwood. He switches back and forth, sometimes in the same place, as in the quote on Page 58 above.

Errors in the Daggerford book, courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

Inner cover : According to the text, only a few gnomes live in Daggerford. The random encounter table lists 38 gnomes among slightly over 200 entries; that constitutes ca. 15 % of the random population, more than the total number of demihumans in Daggerford (according to p4, paragraph 1). The numbers for the other demihumans are also off.

p4, par5 :
It is stated of Moon Elves that "Normally, this type of elf is in much shorter supply than the gold elves." This is wrong, it's the other way around.

p14, c2, 7-1 :
Delisle is noted as a CG gnomish Mage. Solution: change class to F0 or race to human.

p19, c1, 4-1 :
The description suggests that Nartan is a human, but his stats note his race as dwarven. Solution: change race to human.

p21, c1, 1-1 :
The description notes Youatt's sex as male, his stats as female. Solution: change sex to male.

p21, c1, 7-1 :
The stats note Garrick as a neutral evil gnomish specialty priest of Tymora. Since such an abomination cannot possibly exist, change his stats to (CG half-m C4).

p21, c2, 4-1 :
Quarenghi's stats note his class as specialty priest of Ao. Since Ao has no true specialty priests, change class to F3. Also the sex in stats and descriptions doesn't match.

p23, c1, 4-1 :
The stats for Ines describe her as LG thief. Since thieves cannot normaly be lawful good, her alignment should be changed to NG. I've also changed her sex from male to female to match her female name, but that's personal preference.

p23, c2, 5-9 :
Zarebor the Piercer is noted as being a "fm F1"; since "f" is no known abbreviation for a race, I assume a typo. The race should be changed to human.

p24, c2, 6-1 & p26, c2, 2-1 :
Maerovyna is noted as a LG druid of Chauntea. Change alignment to True Neutral.

p27, c1, 2-3 / 5-1 :
Description and name of Fulbar Hardcheese suggest a halfling, but his stats note him as being a half-elf. Solution: change the stats.

p29, c2, 5-1 :
Falconer is another LG thief. Change alignment to LN.

p31, c1, paragraph 4 :
Just ignore the whole paragraph and you'll feel much better.

p32, c2, 4-1 :
Elorshin is noted as a NG elven mage/specialty priest of Tyr. Neither can elves be mage/priests, nor specialty priests of Tyr, nor are specialty priests of Tyr allowed to be of neutral good alignment. Solution: change Elorshin into a NG elven mage, and drop the reference that he is a "priest serving the Mosque of Tyr" from his description.

Errors in the Cities book, courtesy Justin radar@hcpd.com

I wouldn't be able to supply the correct text, but while I was looking through some of my books, specifically, the Cities book from The North expansion set, I noticed that on pg 63, the last paragraph on the page appears to have the begining missing... "iance intervention." That's up to the first period in the paragraph starting from the first letter.

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Volo's Guide to the Dalelands

Courtesy Mark Oliva birnensoft@t-online.de

Page number(s) of error (paragraph, too): Page 75, Footnote 2
Description of error: The footnote says Randal Morn regained Daggerdale in "the Year of the Serpent (1369 DR)." The Year of the Serpent was 1359 DR. The correct date is Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR).
Source: Jim Butler of TSR, who wrote the Sword of the Dales trilogy in which Randal Morn regains Dagger Falls, in a posting to the Forgotten Realms Mailing List.

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Waterdeep - City of Splendors boxed set

Courtesy Steven Schend seschend@wizards.com
and Jeremy Patrick jpatrick@cscu.csc.edu

Errors in the Gemidan spells on p.85-87 of the Campaign Guide:

Here's something for your errata files, folks: It was originally written by me (Steven Schend) six years ago for City of Splendors and yes, Robert, all of those markings were supposed to have been inches, not feet. The WSC just duplicated the spell wholesale as printed, thus compounded my error. The spell as designed was a foulup that provided a brief respite when battling other spellcasters. After all, six cubic feet of ice is more than a little inconvenient wrapped around one's head and far more than a 2nd level spell should conjure up.....

However, the adjustment in WSC Vol. 2 on Gemdian's Paralytic Missile is correct - It needs a negating saving throw or else the spell is just too powerful at second level. Both spells are meant to delay enemies so the caster can get away quickly, a skill that Gemidan has had to learn quite well.

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Ruins of Myth Drannor

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

The temple of Lathander wasn't marked on the maps, nor does the book give a clear location. Semi-official suggestion from 'The Sage': place the temple in the Westfields area, just south of the Burial Glen.

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Forgotten Realms Adventures

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

#In the spell descriptions of Moonbeam and Nchaser's Glowing Globe, the casting times are missing. They should be: Moonbeam -7, Nchaser's Glowing Globe -3 (from Dragon Magazine, issue #175, Sage Advice).

Courtesy Brian D. Gute bgute@wyle.nrri.umn.edu

Page number: p. 88, Important Characters
Description of error: Diane Halistinar, a former priestess of Sune, has an alignment of GN listed in her stat block. Most likely this should be CN (Chaotic Neutral).

Page number: p. 135, Moonstone
Description of error: Twice the word lycanthrope is misspelled as lycnathrope.

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FR15 The Shining South

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

p6, c2, par2, ln3:
As in CEotE, a year is noted as 0 DR (this time "The Year of the Rising Flame"). A year 0 DR should not exist.

[Compiler's Note: On the official Roll of Years, given to me by Steven Schend, there is in fact a year 0 DR. I agree with Sascha that it shouldn't exist, but it does.]

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Ruins of Undermountain II

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

This product is so riddled with errors, that some work is neccessary to make it usable.

p20, c1, Room 3:
The iron grate isn't marked on the map. It should be placed at the entry to the northwestern passage from the cavern where room #2 is located.

p20, c2, Room 4:
The description of this area doesn't match the location on the map. The iron grate should be placed at the entry to the northern passage from the cavern where room #2 is located.

p21, c2 - p41, c2:
The room descriptions for rooms 7 to 43 seem to be completely unrelated to the numeration of the areas on the map for this level. A suggestion that might work (note that the directions given in the description still won't work in most cases; these should be adjusted according to the new locations of the rooms):

  • Room 7 : use the official placing, but remove the southeastern door from the map, to match the description; in addition to the archways there are doors to the north (leading into the cavern) and to room #6
  • Room 8 : place this room in the northeastern corner of the building complex, directly adjacent to room #7
  • Room 9 : place this room to the south of room #8
  • Room 10 : place this room directly to the west of room #10, change the southwestern door on the map into a secret door
  • Room 11 : this room would be behind the new secret door
  • Room 12 : place this room directly to the west of room #7, north of room #6
  • Rooms 13-15 : these rooms should be placed together, a possible placement would be the three-room building in the west of the cavern
  • Rooms 16-22 : these rooms can be used as is; rooms #16 and #17 describe the arrival of the characters via magical gates
  • Room 23 : the described passage does not exist on the map, the cavern described is the big one directly to the north of the number 23 on the map
  • Room 24 : this room should have a door to the cavern, a possible location would be in the southeastern corner of the big building in the west of the cavern
  • Room 25 : this room should be adjacent to room #27; I suggest placing it in the center of the three-room building
  • Room 26 : a possible location for this barrack would be the former location of room #25
  • Room 27 : place this directly to the west of room #25
  • Room 28 : the "official" location seems to be a little bit too small for this room, and I already placed room #27 at this location; a possible location would be the room in the big building in the west of the cavern that can be entered directly from the cavern
  • Rooms 29-34 : these rooms can be placed pretty much everywhere
  • Rooms 35-39 : these rooms can be used as is
  • Room 40 : obviously this treehouse should be somewhere where trees are, place it anywhere within the big forest
  • Rooms 41 and 42 : these "rooms" can be used as is
  • Room 43a : this location isn't marked on the map, but if you follow the description it should be in the center of the southern part of the wood

p43, c1:
The heading "Room 45: Caverns of Doom" should instead read "Room 46: Caverns of Doom".

p95, c2:
The heading "Rooms 76-78: The Slave Compound" should instead read "Rooms 76-84: The Slave Compound".

p114, c1, par3, ln1:
Arlen of the Swiftstrike is noted as a fighter/mage/priest/thief. Since elves (or anyone else) cannot combine four classes, one of them should probably be dropped.

p116, c2, par5, ln9:
The comb of beauty should only add +2 to charisma, instead of +3 (see also: p108). Thus Crisann's charisma would be "CHR 16 (18)" instead of "CHR 16 (19)".

p118, c1, par3, ln2 - and elsewhere:
All of the Malarite priests are missing the Combat sphere (see also: FRA).

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Dungeon Adventures: Mere of Dead Men modules

Courtesy Thatotherguy dragonl@rocketmail.com

Here's a couple. In two of the recent Dungeon Mere of Dead Men modules there were lizard men worshipping Semuanya in tribes run by lizard kings. Lizard kings are servants (not to mention creations) of Sess'innek, an enemy of Semuanya so this shouldn't be. Now a careful reading of Semuanya's priesthood in Monster Mythology led me to believe that because he's so disinterested this wouldn't be a problem for him but I'm sure Sess'innek would have something to say about it, after all, worshippers mean power.

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Elminster's Ecologies

Courtesy Thatotherguy dragonl@rocketmail.com

The Elminster's Ecology Appendix on the Serpent Hills would seem to have similar problems to the Mere of Dead Men modules, although it doesn't specifically go into it. I resolved this by saying that the normally hostile trbes of Semuanya and Sess'innek worshippers have been forced to ally against their more powerful naga led yuan-ti and ophidian enemies.

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FR2 The Moonshaes

Courtesy Thatotherguy dragonl@rocketmail.com

In the Moonshaes the most obvious error is that Jeff Grubb (I think it was him) confused firbolgs and formorians.

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Empires of the Shining Sea

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

page 11, column 2, paragraph 2, line 2 :
Instead of "the elves and dragons" it should read "the elves and dwarves"

p15, c2, 4-1 & 4-6 :
Instead of "1,300 years" it should read "1,800 years"

p25, c2, 2-13 :
Instead of "Despite more than 11 decades of searching" it should read "Despite more than 11 centuries of searching"

p50, c2, 1-3 :
Instead of "2,400,000 people" it should read "1,400,000 people" (70 % of 70 % of 50 % of "six million" people [p50, c1, 2-17]

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Cormanthor: Empire of the Elves

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

In the chapter on coins and currency the Myth Drannan coins from RoMD weren't mentioned (lionars, tsargans, and sheelbas). Possible solution
(according to Steven Schend): these coins were only minted between 650 and 714 by the ruling council after the fall of the Coronal.

p95, c1, 4-13 & p104, c2, 7-3 :
A year (The Year of Chasms) is noted as 0 DR; such a year should not exist since the Dale Reckoning uses the Year of Sunrise (1 DR), when the Standing Stone was erected, as starting point [see also: p28, c1, 3-16 to 19]].

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Lands of Intrigue

Courtesy Sascha Kriewel sascha.kriewel@home.ins.de

Book One:
p30, c2, 4-5 :
Instead of "Year of the Blessed Sleep (321 DR)" it should read "Year of the Fearless King (361 DR)"

p30, c2, 5-2 :
Instead of "King Azoun I." it should read "Crown Prince Azoun"

p30, c2, 5-9 :
Instead of "Year of the Whipped Cur (336 DR)" it should read "Year of the Leaping Hare (376 DR)"

The above dates and facts were corrected in EoSS (p30)

Book Three & CoS, Book Two:
The stats for various members of the Knights of the Shields in these two products (both by Steven Schend) don't match: Tuth of Baldur's Gate (CoS: CE hm T3/F7, LoI: NE hm F14), Kestor (CoS: CE hem F0, LoI: NE hem T8), Bormul of Amn (CoS: LE hm F0, LoI: NE hm F14). Solution: go by the later source.

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FR5 The Savage Frontier

Errors in the map, courtesy Scott L. Gibson gib@thecore.com

Description of error: The listed scale is incorrect. The map's legend says that one inch is equal to 20 miles. That should be 30 miles.

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