A Few Good Links

Wizards of the Coast - WotC's Home Page. Find out what's going on at WotC and the RPGA. Free downloads and current catalog listings. Don't miss the special FR Features being produced by Ed Greenwood, Steven Schend, Eric Boyd and Steve Miller.

Northern Journeys- The website for Projects Group 1370, the publishers of the Northern Journeys adventure modules. Maintained by Mark Oliva, you can download the six NJ adventure modules at this page, and read more about the Project's Groups plans.

MasterAO Another high quality FR page, this one maintained by Jan Enroth. Lots of Realms content, including excellent write ups on the Orc and Goblin deities done in F&A format, plus Adventures, NPCs, Legends, Stories and much more. Most importantly, this site has been kept up-to-date, and has 3e material on it.

Candlekeep- This page is maintained by the scribes of Candlekeep. This site is almost a clearinghouse of Realms Lore. It contains numerous articles from other sites, but also has a gallery of original artwork, campaign journals from various FR campaigns, a long list of Player Characters from the campaigns, and lots of other material. Join their forums to chat with other Realms players.

The Forgotten Realms Projects Database - The Realms Projects List was merged back into Realms-L, and the FRZone site, which collected information about the different projects, has been merged with the Candlekeep site. Here's a direct link to the FRZone Projects information. I believe that nearly all of these projects are now inactive, but some still have their info on the web.

The Forgotten Realms Errata Project - Errata for many 2nd-Edition products. Ownership of the Errata Project switched from Andrew Hackard to Tom Cullens. This site has the most up-to-date version of the data collected by the project. At this time I have no plans to update the Errata page on my site.

Defrags Realms - A good site with lots of Realms content. Of particular note are the many great magic items created by David Neff for the Forgotten Realms setting.

Yet Another Forgotten Realms Page - AJA's Forgotten Realms web page. Lots of good stuff here including the Complete Forgotten Realms Timeline and a Climate Map of Faerūn.

The Cartographers Guild - A great website for those interested in mapping their campaign worlds. Covers map drawing techniques with a variety of computer tools, as well as hand drawing. They have several people whose proficiency with mapping turns it into an art form. Join their forums and learn from the best. Highly recommended!

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All maps on this web site, as well as the diagram above, were drawn using Campaign Cartographer 2.0 (CC2). If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to check out their library of symbols and maps, click on the button above.

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