Name: Angelea Navarre [Human female, 2nd level bard, instrument maker (specializing in chimes)]

Submitted by Kimberly Moser


Angelea Navarre is 46 years old and is weathering her age well. She is 5' 7" and 132 pounds. She has odd silvery-blonde hair, beginning to fade as she ages, pale, clouded blue eyes and a crooked smile. Angelea is blind and the right side of her face bears old burn scars. She prefers textured clothing in bright colors and wears odd jewelry that chimes softly as she moves.


Angelea was born in Arylon to a family of well-to-do merchants in 1324 DR. She grew up harboring the travel bug and wanted to go everywhere and see everything. She was a romantic and knew the love of her life was waiting for her to discover him. Angelea left Arylon to find her future at the age of sixteen.

She traveled to Baldur's Gate and stayed with her cousin while prowling the social scene for a possible husband. She was disappointed in the spirit of most of the lads she discovered as they wanted a more sedentary lifestyle. She stayed in Baldur's Gate for six months before tiring of it and its lack of male interest.

Angelea decided to try her hand in the far-off city of Waterdeep and signed on as a passenger on a caravel heading to the port. Two days outside Waterdeep, a mishap with a lantern and a keg of black powder blew a hole in the deck. Angelea was unfortunately caught in the blast. She suffered flashburns and her corneas were scarred. She lay in a fevered state beyond the care of the ship's physician.

When the ship docked in Waterdeep, Angelea was taken to a healer. Her life was saved but her sight was lost. She spent the next year learning to live again. She learned to "see" by touch and sound. After losing her sight, Angelea discovered her talent for identifying and perfectly recreating pitch. She made her first reed-flute three months after the accident.

Angelea apprenticed herself to an instrument-maker after proving her abilities. She learned to craft simple items and slowly became more entranced with chimes. She is able to make most instruments, but specializes in chimes of all sorts. Her chimes are of exceptional quality and the other instruments she crafts are usually of average or good quality.

Angelea was apprenticed for five years and upon completion of her training, decided to return to Arylon. She left Waterdeep with a caravan, as she wanted to visit the High Forest before turning south. She was hoping to experience the beauty of the ancient forest and use it for inspiration in her future works.

She traveled south along the Trade Way to Daggerford. Then she joined a caravan to Secomber and in Secomber she hired a guide to take her up the Unicorn Run. Angelea was deeply affected by the sounds, scents and feelings in the woods about her. She was ecstatic and was taken completely by surprise when her guide hit her with a limb and robbed her of all her valuables. The disreputable individual then pushed her limp form into the Unicorn Run.

Angelea recalls little of her time in the water, only a numb sense of oblivion. She remembers light tittering laughter and being lifted from the river by a number of smallish hands. Then a warm feeling as something was poured into her mouth. She fell asleep then and awoke later and was warm and comfortable. She was covered in a woolen blanket and smelled a savory stew.

She tried to rise, but lay quickly down as nausea overwhelmed her. A melodic voice greeted her and introduced itself as Etienne Navarre. Etienne had the most beautiful tenor voice Angelea had ever heard. She knew from the music in his voice, he was an elf. She fell in love with him the first hour they were together. Etienne helped her recover from the ordeal in the river. He also, returned her belongings to her. While she returned to strength, she made Etienne a small gift. She crafted multiple pipes from the river reeds and cured it in the sun. When she was well, she presented it to Etienne.

Etienne was quiet for a long time, then played the pipes. Angelea was startled by his skill and asked him if he was a trained musician. He replied that he had studied music and history his entire life. An awkward silence fell between them and Etienne finally asked her where she lived. The two spoke at length that evening and Etienne offered to take her back home. Angelea accepted and the two set out on the long journey back to Arylon the next day.

The trip back to Arylon took almost three months and the couple grew closer together during that time. Angelea found the future she had set out to find almost six years prior and Etienne unwittingly found his soul-mate.

When they arrived in Arylon, Angelea brought Etienne to meet her family. She was greeted with relief and Etienne was welcomed as the savior of their daughter. As Etienne prepared to leave, Angelea came to him and thanked him again. She also told him how she felt about him and that she was sorry for loving him. Angelea continued babbling about knowing how elves and humans were so incompatible as far as time was concerned. He cupped his hand about her chin and softly shushed her uncontrolled chattering. Etienne placed his hands on her shoulders and softly kissed her forehead. He then asked Angelea if she would give him the honor of joining her life with his before Hanali. She joyously accepted.

Status/ Location in Arylon:

Angelea is currently living in the Inner Ward of Arylon. She and Etienne have a two-story home with a lovely garden in the rear. She makes instruments in a small shop attached to their home. She works only to order, the only exception is windchimes. Windchimes are everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. They range in price depending on what they are made of, how many chimes and detail incorporated into the carving/castings.

She has two sons, Palis and Altarian, and one daughter, Annalise. Palis and Altar have already moved from home. Annalise is just beginning to stretch her wings, and still lives here. Angelea is satisfied with her life. She knows she will hardly live to see her children grow, much less remain with her husband through his old age. She grasps every moment of happiness she can get and stretches it until the next time she needs reassurance.

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