Name: Palisaran Navarre [Half-elven male, 5th level thief, CG, Purchasing Agent for the Black Cat Trading Coster]

Submitted by: Kimberly Moser


Palisaran, or Palis for short, is the eldest son of Angelea and Etienne Navarre. Palis has a younger brother, Altar, and a younger sister, Annalise. Palis favors his mother in appearance, with pale hair and light blue eyes.

Palis keeps his hair trimmed to about shoulder length and wears it tied back when in public. He also grows and shaves his facial hair when the whim strikes him. Palis is 23 years old, 5'10 and weighs 158 pounds.

Palis is flippant and gregarious. He likes to be noticed and is something of a rake. Palis is a passionate young half-elf. He is quick-witted and has a clever tongue, the latter having to be backed up by a speedy blade in certain situations. He wears colorful shirts, black trousers and shiny black boots when out on the town. When working, he wears a more sober wardrobe of blue, black, grey or white.


Palis has always been curious and fascinated by the mercantile industry. The tallying of numbers and exchange of goods and services has interested him since he was a young boy working in his mother's shop. This interest formed into a natural talent as the boy became older and his father and mother taught him to run the business-end of their small chime shop.

Palis was soon bored with the limited use his parents made of the vast industry before them. He wanted to branch out and seriously began looking for work with the various costers throughout the city. He was given his first position as runner by the office manager, Everett Blackburn, of the Black Cat Trading Coster. Palis served in a speedy and efficient manner. He also made a pest of himself until Everett agreed to take him in as an apprentice. The appropriate fees were paid by Palis' father and the young man has been with the company for eight years.

Palis has worked his way into the position of Purchasing Agent for the coster. He enjoys the travel and opportunities his position affords him. Palis also serves as eyes and ears for the coster in the areas he travels. He has learned other skills besides those necessary for a merchant. Palis is an expert information gatherer. He has an aptitude for trailing people and an instinct for knowing where the best scams are playing. Palis uses his reputation as a rake to good effect by positioning himself where he can read lips and overhear gossip by other mercantile leaders. These extraneous abilities brought Palis into contact with the Skulks, an information guild.

Through the eight years he has served the Black Cat Trading Coster, he has also become a lieutenant in the Skulks. Palis "accidentally" stumbled into membership with the Skulks. He discovered a strange notation written in Everett's hand during his third month of service to the Black Cat Coster. The notation mentioned a time and place for a meeting. Palis was intrigued, considering the time was after hours and the place was somewhere he never thought Everett would attend, The Shanty Circle.

Palis went to the Circ, as it is commonly referred to, at the time mentioned in the notation. The Circ was as bustling, boisterous and appalling as he had heard. It fronted one of the docks and smelled like the river folk who took their pleasure there. Palis entered and tried to look inconspicuous. He was instantly whirled into the midst of a bustling and crowded tavern where an overly buxom, young woman pulled him aside and pushed him into a chair behind a gauzy curtain. The chair, floor and wall swirled into a hidden niche.

Palis instantly stood and found himself towering over a young boy. The boy appeared to be a common urchin except for the smug smile splayed across his thin face. The boy said nothing but took Palis by the hand and led him down a sloping limestone tunnel to an ornate, carved, stone portal. The door opened as they approached and the boy nudged Palis into the chamber beyond.

The chamber was ancient, obviously it had been buried in silt through the years and even now was being refurbished. Everett stood among an assembly of young men and women. Palis was welcomed by name and asked to be seated. There was only one chair in the entire room and he took his place in it, too stunned to do much else.

Everett explained he had been watching Palis since his initial foray into the office and now had an offer for him. Palis listened and slowly an eager expression played across his face. This was what he really dreamed of. This was the real power behind the Black Cat Coster's success. This was intrigue and information beyond his comprehension. Everett offered him a place in the Skulks and Palis wanted it.

Since his initiation, Palis has served loyally and with glee. When he learns something to aid the coster's industry, he passes the news to Everett. He is also aware of political, military and economic swings in the lands he travels. He has been asked to keep eyes and ears open for such information and is always paid a bit more for what he discovers. Palis reports to Everett but has a feeling Everett reports to someone else. So far Palis hasn't connected Everett to anyone in the city, but he keeps trying.

Palis has a new world open before him. He is well-off financially and his travels for the coster give him a world-wise view on life. Palis basks in his position in the Skulks. He does not seek power or wealth. He seeks challenges to his skills and his intellect. If these challenges provide him with wealth and power, so be it. However, it's more important to him to have fun along the way.

Current Status/ Location in Arylon:

Palis has recently been sticking closer to home. He is playing the worried older brother and is attempting to keep his younger sister safe from the folly and manhandling that seemingly come with bardcraft. Unfortunately, his brother sees this as interference and has been trying to come between Palis and Annalise. Palis is as different from Altar as two brothers can be, this truly hurts him but he is much too proud to admit this to anyone, even himself.

He has been spending a great deal of time teaching Annalise how to defend herself and a few tricks to help herself along in the world she seems to have chosen. Palis knows Altar concentrates only on the detriment of his sister's morality. Palis also knows Annalise is as stubborn as he is and will not change her course. He intends to make sure she is as successful as possible. This has caused a breach between the brothers and harsh words were spoken. A rift is growing between the two and it will take a long time to heal.

Palis has been selected as the purchasing agent in a business deal with Dakin Drim of the Greenleaf. Dakin has hired the Black Cat Coster to procure some of the rarer southern blends of liqueur and wine. Palis is not looking forward to a long trip from Arylon at this time. He is concerned about his sister and is worried the wounds between himself and Altar will fester. He is thinking of requesting a temporary hiatus from the coster until his family situation is resolved. He has yet to decide what to do.

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