Name: Annalise Navarre (Female, Half-elf, 1st level Bard)

Submitted by Kimberly Moser


Annalise is 17 years old, 5'6" and 120 pounds. Her hair is an odd silvery-black color and her eyes are grey. She wears black breeches; a brightly colored, puffed sleeve shirt and a beaded vest. She owns a suit of leather armor but has never worn it. She is skilled with the lute, pan pipes and lap harp. She can use a sword and a dagger, but prefers to bargain her way out of a situation. Annalise loves to dance and sing. She is usually in good humor and is somewhat naive. Her naivete comes from an overprotective and deeply indulgent family. She is the youngest of three children.


Annalise was born on the 5th of Hammer in the Year of the Arch. Her mother, Angelea, is an instrument maker and her father, Etienne, is a herald. She has two older brothers, Palisaran and Altarian. Palisaran (23 years old), or Palis for short, is a rogue adventurer. Altarian (20 years old) is a mage.

Annalise is hopelessly spoiled. She is very fond of her oldest brother and looks up to him. Palis in his turn has indulged his baby sister in everything she has ever wanted. Annalise is in awe of Altar and is sometimes afraid to speak to him. Altar loves his sister very much and has recently gifted her with a spellbook.

Annalise has lived with music her entire life. Her mother has coached and schooled Annalise in the musical arts and her father has schooled her in etiquette and heraldry. Palis has shown her the more exciting skills of crowd working, pocketing and swordplay. Altar has drilled her in magical theory.

Earlier this year, Annalise began a very short-lived adventuring career. She and several other individuals were hired by the Council to investigate some odd happenings in Arylon's Tail. While getting acquainted, the group stopped at the Post House to discuss their plan of action.

While at the Post House, Annalise was approached by Lord Lenzner Dressel . He offered her a position as staff musician and she jumped at the chance. It is Annalise's fondest wish to be a great bard, without having to go through the uncomfortable risks normal adventurer's take.

Annalise is a contract musician for Lord Lenzner. She performs ballads and soft music while at the Post House and knows her more lighthearted and fanciful twiddles are unwelcome. However, she sneaks one in every now and again to the great irritation of Lord Lenzner's brother.

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