Standard Operating Procedure

Travel routines:

  • Greywolf chooses a camping spot that is close to water and hidden from view.
  • The party sets up the tents, gathers firewood, and grooms the horses.
  • They take turns preparing the evening meal, and cleaning up.
  • After dinner, Marcellus and Father Almorhaz sit around and chat for awhile before bedtime. Greywolf goes off to scout around the perimeter of the camp. Nallana retires to her tent early. Orion reads or talks as the mood takes him.
  • Father Almorhaz takes the first two-hour watch, and spends a short time in prayer.
  • Marcellus takes the second watch. He spends part of his watch sharpening his sword, or doing other maintenance on his equipment.
  • Greywolf takes the middle watch. He sleeps in his armor. During his watch, he does equipment maintenance.
  • Nallana takes the fourth watch, donning her armor before going on duty. She does equipment maintenance during her watch.
  • Orion takes the final watch, and spends an hour of his time preparing spells.
  • Before sunrise, Greywolf goes off to hunt for an hour before returning to camp.
  • The party wakes up at dawn, and while some prepare breakfast, the others take down the tents, get everything packed up and saddle the horses. After they eat, they set off on their journey.

Daily Schedule:

    Hours 1-4: Morning travel
    Hour 5: Lunch
    Hours 6-9: Afternoon Travel
    Hours 10-12: Set up camp, and eat dinner.
    Hours 13-14: Father Almorhaz on watch.
    Hours 15-16: Marcellus on watch.
    Hours 17-18: Greywolf on watch.
    Hours 19-20: Nallana on watch.
    Hours 21-22: Orion on watch.
    Hours 23-24: Break camp and eat breakfast.