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Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors

Benefits of belonging to the Wizards' Guild of Waterdeep:

  • Spellcasting, scrolls and potions may be purchased at 80% of PHB price.
  • Magic items unavailable in other places may be purchased at the guild at full price.
  • Free training.
  • Free access to the alchemy lab in his off hours to work on approved projects. (Must supply your own chemical reagents.)
  • Free access to the scriptorium in his off hours to scribe scrolls. (Must supply material components for the spells you scribe. Everything else is provided.)
  • Free access to the guild library to do spell research. (Access to spells is limited by status within the guild. Apprentices cannot access spells above 2nd level.)
  • Able to meet other wizards and copy spells from their spellbooks for a price.

A Player Character wizard may work for the guild as an apprentice wizard. He will have only two days off each week to adventure (typically, one day in five). His duties can include assisting in the alchemy lab, working in the scriptorium scribing scrolls and/or helping with magic item creation. He receives one taol per day for his work, but so long as he works at the guild he has free guild membership. If he should quit his job, he would have to start paying dues, which at the apprenticeship level are 125 taols per quarter.

When the character advances from fourth to fifth level, he will graduate from the guild and cease to be an apprentice. At that point he will be a guild graduate, and should he wish to continue working for the guild he would be able to get a job assisting the professors at the guild. He would retain all the benefits listed above. If he goes out on his own, he can maintain his membership by paying 250 taols per quarter.