Adventuring Party Contract

This contract will set forth the terms and conditions of membership within the Ebenfar Adventuring Band. This document is legal and binding on anyone who agrees to the terms by signing below. Any member violating the terms set forth herein will be dropped from the company, and required to turn over any group treasure he is holding.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Orion Khelstar is to be the leader of the group. He will have final say on any decisions that must be made by or for the group. Should something happen to him, Marcellus will take command until such time as Orion is in a condition to resume command. If both are incapacitated, the individual members will make their own determination about who to follow.
  • Each member will share equally in the mundane chores of the trail: guard duty, making and breaking camp, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Each member will be responsible for maintaining his personal equipment, weapons, armor, mount, etc, so that they are functional and bring no discredit to the group.
  • All magic items found will be the property of Orion Khelstar first. Those items he cannot use will be handed over to the members of the party who he deems can make best use of them.
  • Any coins found will be equally split by all members of the party.
  • Any valuable items, whether mundane or magical, not of use to the party will be sold and the proceeds equally split between all members of the party.
  • The selling of items for division of proceeds will take place once the group has returned to Waterdeep.
  • Deceased members will receive a half-share of the treasure, payable to their next-of-kin, or a person named by them in their will.
  • Any member deciding to leave the group before the expiration of the contract must hand over any magic items he has been given from the group treasure, or pay the value of said items in gold. He may keep any gold that he has been given, and any mundane items.

This contract will remain in effect until a minimum of six months after its signing, and no more than one year after said date. The contract may be terminated prior to the one year anniversary by having the group appear before a Justice in Waterdeep and declare their intention to dissolve the contract. It may be renewed after the one year date by the party likewise appearing before a Justice in the city of Waterdeep and declaring their intentions.

The signers below do forthwith declare their intention to abide by the terms of this contract, barring death or dismemberment, to the best of their ability:

Orion Khelstar
Father Almorhaz