The House of Scholars: A Temple of Oghma

The House of Scholars is a temple complex devoted to Oghma, the god of knowledge. The temple is located in Melvaunt north and a little east of the Crow's Nest on Northgate Street where it slants to the southwest just beyond its intersection with Orphan Avenue.

The central portion of the complex is a lecture hall capable of seating about 200 people. The clergy try to present at least one lecture every tenday on subjects ranging from anthropology to zoology. Visiting scholars are often invited to present their work at the lecture hall.

Above the lecture hall is a scriptorium where the clergy and members of the congregation may copy out books, scribe scrolls, or work on original manuscripts.

The northeast wing of the complex is a dormitory with kitchen and dining hall for the resident clergy. Rooms are also available for a limited number of visiting scholars. Those who are not members of the priesthood are expected to make a donation to the temple in exchange for room and board.

The southwest wing of the temple is a library containing a wide array of books, codices and scrolls. Subjects include the natural sciences, history, mythology, folklore, politics, art, geography, religion, and of course, the arcane arts. One entire section is devoted to spellbooks. It contains all the most common spells plus many that are unique to Faerun. Although the library does contain spellbooks devoted to the dark arts, public access to evil spells is forbidden. Only the high priest and those he designates may research such books.

Patrons are not allowed to browse the stacks. Requests are made at the information desk, and the librarian has the books retrieved for the patron's use. No books may be removed from the library. There are chairs and tables on the first floor where patrons may read and do their research.


One may become a member of the House of Scholars by paying a yearly fee of 2000 gp. This fee may be paid in quarterly installments of 500gp.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to the books in the library. Use of the library makes it easier to research information, and to learn new spells (+2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge and Spellcraft checks).
  • Full use of the scriptorium. Use of the scriptorium provide the scholar with a 50% reduction in costs for scribing scrolls and copying spells.
  • Free attendance at all lectures. (The admission cost for a lecture is normally 5gp.)
  • Access to the resident scholars. Patrons may request consultations with the sages at the House of Scholars. The terms of these consultations are always at the discretion of the sages. As a rule, they don't like being interrupted from their studies to discuss questions of minor importance. Being a patron of the temple, however, will predispose them towards your request (+2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks with resident clergy and other scholars). Even when they do consent to provide patrons withe the benefit of their knowledge, they may desire some remittance for their time.

As an alternative to membership, non-members can access just the library by paying a day-use fee of 25gp.

(Click here for information on learning new spells, and here for information on copying new spells into your spellbook.)

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