Moonsea Campaign

This page contains links to resources for the players in my Moonsea Campaign. Others are welcome to browse, but it is a work in progress, and much of it is incomplete.

Character Sheet: This is the character sheet I use myself, and I recommend it for those looking for a way to automatically generate stats. It doesn't do everything for you, but it does have a lot of built in options for Forgotten Realms characters.

Campaign Journal: Not-so-brief summaries of our game sessions. The purpose of these is to update those who couldn't make it to the game, and to help the rest of us remember what the heck we did.

The Story Thus Far: An attempt to summarize the events of the first half of the campaign for those who were not playing then.

The Moonsea Region: A description of the Moonsea Region, and some of the more important towns located on its shores.

The City of Melvaunt: Information about the city that the party has learned so far.

The Town of Phlan: Players' Guide to the town of Phlan.

New House Rules: New rules for spell recovery and critical fumbles.

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