Dungeons of Daggerdale

By Trevor Cooke and Mark Oliva

The Flaming Tower

PLEASE NOTE:  To date there has been no official floor plan published of the Flaming Tower.  We've based our version closely on the description given in the novel Finder's Bane by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak (TSR - 1998).

Download the maps FLAMINGTOWERSITE.FCW and FLAMINGTOWER.FSC or view the site map, FTSITE.GIF or the dungeon plan, FLTOWER.GIF.

The Flaming Tower is on the Tesh about a day's ride downstream from Dagger Falls.  It's a large tower that the Zhentarim recently rebuilt, after its destruction two decades ago by the Knights of Myth Drannor.  Chained to it is a big chunk of rock that floats up in the sky, called the Temple in the Sky, a product of old Netherese magic.  Before the Time of Troubles, the voice of Bane used to speak from the temple.

Nowadays, the Flaming Tower below is held by the Zhentish and controlled by their Xvimist priests, while the temple above is in the hands of an allied beast cult.  In the temple the resident gnolls and fire giants worship a beholder named Xulla.  There also are several griffons in the temple that the Zhents use to travel between the Flaming Tower and the temple.  The fire giants go up and down by climbing the chain.

The Flaming Tower was rebuilt exactly according to the old plans, as it was before the Knights of Myth Drannor destroyed it.  It is manned by 100 seasoned Zhentish soldiers, all worshippers of Xvim; Wallach, who is a high priest, four lower level Xvim priests and four low level Zhentarim mages.

The Zhents stopped reconstructing the tower in the Year of the Banner (1368 DR), right after the destruction of Zhentil Keep.  At the time construction was stopped, the ground floor had been finished and the four upper floors and roof had been built, but no rooms walls went up on these floors.  They're all still empty floors, 300 x 300 feet/90 x 90 m in size.  The distance from each floor to the ceiling is 20 feet/6 m.  The ceilings are high so that the fire giants can move in the tower, if need be.  The roof is empty too, except that it's used for the griffons to land, that fly between the tower and the temple.

NPCs in the Flaming Tower

40 ZHENTISH ARCHERS (atop the tower), AL: LE, hm/f Fighter lvl 4, AC: 5, THAC0 17 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, Longbow: 2 APR THAC0 13/15/18, 1d8+2 dmg, HP: 4-40, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).

40 ZHENTISH WARRIORS, lvl 4, AL: LE, hm/f Fighter lvl 4, AC: 5, THAC0 17 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, Longbow: 2 APR THAC0 13/15/18, 1d8+2 dmg, HP: 4-40, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).  XP-Value: 120.

10 ZHENTISH WARRIORS lvl 3,  AL: LNC/GN, hm/f Fighter lvl 3, AC: 4, THAC0 18 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, HP: 3-30, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).  XP-Value: 65.

20 ZHENTISH WARRIORS lvl 2,  AL: LNC/GN, hm/f Fighter lvl 2, AC: 5, THAC0 19 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, HP: 2-20, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).  XP-Value: 35.

30 ZHENTISH WARRIORS lvl 1,  AL: LNC/GN, hm/f Fighter lvl 1, AC: 6, THAC0 20 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, HP: 1-10, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).  XP-Value: 15.

WALLACH OF XVIM,  AL: LE, hm Priest (Iyachtu Xvim) lvl 10, AC: 5, THAC0 14, 1 APR THAC0 9 Mace of Destruction +5, dmg 1d8 + 5 hp and save vs. death magic or dead. HP: 66, Size M (6'/183cm).  Str 12, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 18, Cha 4.  Spells: 4-4-3-3-2.  XP-Value: 3,000.

LUNDAR, MURDOCH, YURDD and BETHLU OF XVIM, Priests (Iyachtu Xvim) lvl 3, AC: 8, HP: 18, 17, 22, 16; THAC0 20, Spells 2/1/0/0/0/0/0, XP-Value: 65.

BELTUSH, KINDUR, KLASCH and NURYNG, Zhentarim mages, lvl 3, AC: 10, HP: 9, 6; THAC0 20, Spells 2/1/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0, XP-Value: 65.

Plan of the Flaming Tower

1.  Temple of Iyachtu Xvim.  Wallach has a throne upon the dais with an oily black statue of Xvim to his left.  Below the dais are five wooden posts with manacles.  This is where Wallach will wait for the invaders and attempt to destroy them with magic.

2.  Bedroom of Wallach of Xvim.

3.  Chamber of Wallach of Xvim.

4.  Office of the Zhentish Commander.

5.  Bedroom of the Zhentish Commander.

6.  Joint Bedroom of the Level 3 Priests Lundar, Murdoch, Yurdd and Bethlu.

7.  Private Room of the Xvim Priest Gardath.

8.  Private Rooms of the 4 Zhentarim Mages, Beltush, Kindur, Klasch and Nuryng.

9.  Kitchen.

10.  Dining Hall.

11.  Hall.

12.  Zhentish Barracks.

13.  Separate Stairways for Zhentish Soldiers and the Fire Giants.  The stairway leads through the empty upper floors to the roof.

14.  Supply Room.  Food, grain, beer, weapons and armor as well as general supplies are stored here.

15.  Zhentish Horse Stables.

16.  Watch Towers.  Each tower is manned by three Zhentish archers and a Zhentish ballista team with ballista.

The Gwathburg

Download the dungeon plan file GWATHBURG.FCW or view the map, GWATHBURG.GIF.

NOTE:  We've left many chambers of the ground floor open, and we have made no floor plan at all of the dungeon, all free for further development by the DM.

The Gwathburg was built by slaves of the drow brought to the surface in the Year of the Scarlet Sash (679 DR).  It was completed in the Year of the Lost Lance (712 DR), the year when the Army of Darkness began its assault on Myth Drannor.  In the same year, Gwath came from her drow homeland and took up residence in the castle.  The construction of the castle leaves little doubt that it was built largely by slaves of the dwarven race.  Gwath used the castle as the base from which she summoned the 15 vampire lords to Merrydale in the Year of the Grey Mists (796 DR).

Long after priests of and paladins of Lathander had destroyed the vampire lords and all of their newly created followers, in the Year of the Plough (906 DR), and after the drow were driven from the Twisted Tower in Shadowdale and Gwath had ascended to lichdom, the Gwathburg lay abandoned, except for the undead who lay waiting in the inner chambers.

Outside of these two sealed chambers and in the treasury within the dungeon, there is nothing left of the old outfittings within the castle.  Its walls still stand strong, a testimony to the outstanding work of the dwarves, but all windows have gaped open upon the countryside for centuries, and whatever furnishings were in the castle were looted ages earlier.  In the outer rooms one finds only bare stone walls, dust, dirt and weeds growing in those corners where the sunlight is adequate.  In some rooms one can find inanimate, ancient skeletons  of men, orcs and bugbears, all long dead.

When Gwath abandoned the castle in the Year of the Plough, she also bound the undead beholder Garnath to guard it eternally.  Garnath's command is to demand that allegiance be sworn to the lady of the house or to be destroyed immediately.  The lady of the house, whose name is never mentioned, is Gwath.  She modified Garnath's charming eye so that it can detect all false oaths.

Until recently, no one has sworn allegiance to the lady, so the effects of such an oath had not been tested.  The oath, once truly sworn, prevents those who have taken the oath from ever leaving the castle.  They undergo a slow transformation - one that can take up to 10 years - to undead.  Particularly evil oathtakers become ghosts, others skeleton warriors or wights.

Two years ago, after Randal Morn's conquest of Dagger Falls, a group of six Zhentish soldiers, headed by a Zhentarim mage named Brentar, sought refuge in the Gwathburg, encountered Garnath and swore allegiance to the lady.

These seven already have undergone two years of transformation into undead.  Brentar was a 7th level necromancer, but his abilities already have been reduced to those of a 5th level necromancer with the gain of powers as a 2nd level fighter.  Brentar and the six Zhentilar already have lost all interest in all personal matters and are 100% dedicated to guarding the house of the lady.

They have not eaten or had anything to drink for two years, and have become quite pale and gaunt, but they are still years away from the genuine transformation into undead.  They have no need for food or drink.  They are nourished by the dark twisting powers of the negative plane.  They also have become immune to normal heat or cold and are protected from weather extremes through the energies of the negative plain.  Garnath's primary duty is to prevent anyone from entering the inner chambers or Gwath's tower.  He fights mindlessly to his own destruction to achieve this.

Brentar can be found at anytime in the entrance chamber (No. 2 on the floor plan), the library (No. 6 on the floor plan) or any of the empty chambers that are unnumbered.  One of the six Zhentilar is always on watch in each of the six watchtowers (No. 1 on the plan).  Garnath is always in the entrance chamber (No. 2).  He is powerless to leave there, and being devoid of a mind of his own, he also has no will to do so.  The inner chambers (3 and 4) have never been violated since Gwath's sealing of them in the Year of the Plough.

NPCs of the Gwathburg

BRENTAR - ZHENTARIM MAGE/WARRIOR (random location), AL: NE, hm lvl 5 necromancer, lvl 2 fighter, THAC0: 19, AC 10, HP 31, Attacks: spells + long sword, 1 APR, 1d8 hp dmg.  XP-Value:  975.  Treasure: 3 Gold Taler, 1 Electrum Defender, 8 Silver Wheels, 12 Copper Donkeys, Spellbook, Wand of Fireballs with no charges left (Brentar has forgotten that and may attempt to use it.)

6 ZHENTILAR WARRIORS (one in each tower), AL: NE, hm lvl 3 fighter, THAC0 18, AC 5 (chain mail), HP: 18, 24, 21, 19, 22, 23.  Attacks: long sword 1 APR 1d8 hp dmg, long bow 2 APR 1d8 dmg, 30 arrows per man, XP-Value: 65.  Treasure per man: 1 Gold Taler, 4 Silver Wheels, 7 Copper Donkeys.

GARNAUTH, UNDEAD BEHOLDER:  AL: LE, HD: 49hp, AC: Body 0/Eyestalk 2/Central eye 7, THAC0: 11, Attacks: 1, bite 2d4 hp dmg, HP: 49 - Body 33 hp, main eye 16 hp, Move: Float 2, XP-Value 13,000.  Eyestalks:  1. Detect false oaths (always succeeds), 4.  Telekinesis (250 pound weight),  5. Flesh to stone (as spell, 30-yard range),  6. Disintegrate (20-yard range), 9. Cause serious wounds (50-yard range), 10. Death ray (as a death spell, with a single target, 40-yard range).  Eyestalks 2, 3, 7 and 8 were severed.  The anti-magic ray of the central eye has lost its function.  Saving throws: 6-10-9-12-11.

DROW DEATH KNIGHT:  AL: CE; AC: 0, HD: 9d10, THAC0: 11, APR: 1, 2-Handed Sword +4, THAC0 4, Dmg 2d4+9 hp.  HP: 72.  MR: 75%.  Move: 12.  Size: M: 6-7 feet (180/210 cm) and 300 pounds, XP-Value 6,000.  Face is a blackened skull covered with shards of shriveled, rotting flesh. It has two tiny, glowing orange-red pinpoints for eyes. Its armor is scorched black as if it had been in a fire. The death knight retains a semblance of the pride it held as a good warrior and fights honorably:  It never ambushes opponents from behind, nor does it attack before an opponent has an opportunity to ready his weapon.  The death knight has a strength of 18(00).  A death knight's magical abilities make it especially dangerous. It constantly generates fear in a 5-foot radius, and it can cast detect magic, detect invisibility, and wall of ice at will. Twice per day, it can cast dispel magic. Once per day, it can use either power word, blind, power word, kill, or power word, stun. It can also cast symbol of fear or symbol of pain once per day, as well as a 20-dice fireball once per day. All of its magical spells function at the 20th level of ability.  A death knight cannot be turned, but it can be dispelled by holy word spell.  It has the power over undead of a 6th-level evil priest. Its magic resistance is 75%, and if an 11 or lower is rolled on the percentile roll, the spell is reflected back at the caster (the magic resis­tance is re-rolled each time a spell is cast at a death knight).

35 DROW SKELETON WARRIORS:  AL: NE, HD: 9+2, AC: 2, THAC0: 11, Attacks: 1 Scimitar THAC0 8, 2d4 hp dmg.  HP: 11-74.  MR: 90%.  Size: M (6-7feet / 180-210 cm).  XP-Value 4,000.  Activated automatically without circlet. Only magical weapons affect skeleton warriors.  The sight of a skeleton warrior causes any creature with fewer than 5 Hit Dice to flee in panic. Skeleton warriors can­not be turned.

15 VAMPIRE GHOSTS:  AL: LE, HD: 10, AC: 0 (Silver half dmg or magic full dmg), THAC0: 11,  At­tacks: Fear, Magic Jar, Cold Touch - ages 10d4 years.  HP: 10-80, Move: 9, Size: M (5-6 feet tall - 150/180 cm), XP-Value:  7,000.  The sight of a ghost causes a being to age 10 years and flee in panic for 2-12 (2d6) turns unless a saving throw versus spell is made. Priests above 6th level are immune to this effect, and all other humanoids above 8th level may add +2 to their saving throws.  Any creatures within 60 yards of a ghost is subject to attack by magic jar. If the ghost fails to magic jar its chosen victim, it will then semi-materialize in order to attack by touch (in which case the ghost is Armor Class 0). Semi-materialized ghosts can be struck only by silver (half damage) or magical weapons (full damage).  Ghosts can be attacked with spells only by creatures who are in an ethereal state. Any hu­man or demi-human killed by a ghost is drained of its life essence and is forever dead.  Ghosts can be turned by clerics and can be damaged by holy water while in their semi-material form.

Floor Plan of the Gwathburg

1.  Watchtowers.  The four round towers are 50 feet/15 m high.  The two square towers at the gate are 35 feet/10 m high.  They all are empty except for a watch platform at the very top and a stone spiral stairway leading up to them.  Each tower is manned at all times by one of Brentar's six Zhentish soldiers, who will fight to the death to prevent strangers from entering the castle complex.

2.  Entrance Chamber.  Garnath stands watch here.  If the PCs enter the chamber, he repeats Gwath's message to them.  Read the following:

3.  The Barracks.  35 drow warriors and their commander maintained the defense of the Gwathburg until its mistress departed some 465 years ago.  Upon her departure she set the commander upon eternal watch as a Death Knight.  His warriors sleep inanimate upon their beds, but awake to the call of the Death Knight in 1d6+1 rounds after their barracks have been violated.

4.  The Chamber of the Vampires.  This chamber is totally sealed off from daylight.  This is the room where the 15 vampire lords summoned to Merrydale by Gwath kept their coffins with native soil.  The 15 coffins, wood partly rotted, still stand in the room.

5.  Gwath's Tower.  Gwath stopped using this tower 465 years ago.  At the top of the 100-foot/30 m spiral staircase, the wind blows throw open windows at the top of the tower.  There are old laboratory tables here, vials broken and still intact, etc., but no dirt or debris from the outdoors.

6 The Library (orange).  This large room contains four huge bookshelves filled with musty parchment books, all absolutely useless and beyond salvation.

Dungeon Level trapdoor at purple point C in the (uncharted).  The dungeon is entered through the chamber of the vampires you wish.  Don't forgot the (No. 4).  We've left the dungeon open for you to chart as impalation pit below the threshold to the tower door at purple point the vampires (No. 4) to Gwath's A in the chamber of tower in which Gwath held prisoners, a (No. 5).  We also envision the dungeon having among other things a number of cells torture chamber and perhaps also a room where a part of her treasure still can be found.

Encounters in the Gwathburg

Entrance Chamber (2):  Narrative:

As you enter this chamber, you are greeted only by silence and - despite open windows - a strange gloom that makes it impossible for you to see anything.

After the last of the PCs has entered read the following.  If some PCs remain outside, the door will be magically locked, and the chamber windows go dark.  They can see or hear nothing until the encounter with Garnath has been ended.  If some PCs are hesitating outside, the doors will slam shut magically after two rounds.

Slowly, your eyes begin penetrating into the gloom, revealing a sight that you gladly would have done without.  A large, rotting beholder floats in the air before you.  Its large, round head is more than 6 feet/2 m in diameter.  It bears several old wounds and patches that are rotted through, showing parts of the bone structure behind the putrid flesh.  The main eye is covered by a thin, milky film, and four of the 10 smaller eyestalks are missing, obviously severed in a battle.  But the creature still is animate.  In a somewhat droning voice, it says:

You have entered the Gwathburg wrongfully, where you have no right to be and nothing to seek.  For your crime you must either swear to defend the lady of the house for the rest of eternity, or you must fight me to the death, and die you shall!  What is your choice?

Garnath's mind is not capable of debating with the PCs, but he will wait two rounds for an answer he can understand, then automatically assume the PCs have declined and begin fighting.  His first weapon is his death ray eye.  He picks a target randomly (dice throw).  He can make no intelligent decisions about the party of PCs.

The Barracks (3).  The room is occupied by the drow death knight and 35 drow skeleton warriors.  The undead are bound to this room and cannot follow the PCs out of it, but they will fight within it until the entire PC party or they themselves are destroyed.  Before the PCs can possibly enter this chamber. they have to pass physical and magic traps.

A Delayed Blast Fireball for 6d8+1 hp dmg in a 20-foot/6 m radius is set upon the door and will go off upon contact.  Detect Magic will find magic of the school evocation.  Above the door is a 1,000-pound stone statue of a gargoyle that will be released directly in front of the door by a physical trap set upon the door lock, no saving throw, area of effect 1 sq. yard/1 sq. meter, for 5d4+20 hp dmg and crippling fractures.

The room contains nine armor closets that hold uselessly deteriorated adamantine chain mail that once belonged to the warriors.  Once in the room, if the PCs reach point A (the door to the tower), a disintegrate spell will be released on the person opening the door, save vs. spell or be permanently disintegrated, no resurrection.  Detect magic finds magic of the school alteration.  There is no physical trap on the door, but the lock must be picked.

Chamber of the Vampires (4).  There is a pit of needle sharp, yard/meter long spikes in the floor of the dungeon, 10 feet/3 m below the floor stone in front of the door to this room.  The floor stone is an illusion.  This actually is an open pit.  Anyone who walks to the door without noticing the pit will fall into it and be impaled upon 3W6+18 spikes for 2d4 hp dmg per spike, no savings throw.

Detect magic will show magic of the school Illusion upon the floor and magic of the school Evocation on the door itself.  That is due to the Delayed Blast Fireball set upon the door for 6d8+1 hp dmg in a 20-foot (6 m) radius.  Once the PCs enter the door, nothing will happen at first.  It is totally dark in this chamber, and magic prevents light from the doorway from coming into the room to illuminate it, but torches, lanterns, etc. can be lit and magic light sources can be used within the room.  When the PCs enter this room, they will see the 15 coffins (Point B), but nothing will happen, as long as no PC lifts a coffin lid.

Once a PC opens a coffin lid, he will see dust, crumbling human or elven bones and a wooden stake driven into the floor of the wooden coffin.  Gwath cursed the 15 vampire lords and their vampire following in the village of Sunstone (later Bloodstone) in the Dagger Hills for failing her.  Although they have been permanently destroyed as vampires, they continue to exist as ghosts and will find their eternal rest only when destroyed in ghost form.

Once any one of the coffin lids is opened, the ghosts will begin to awake.  They will appear in the chamber 2d4+2 rounds later and begin attacking the PCs, not letting up until they or the PCs are destroyed.  The ghosts are bound to this chamber and cannot follow the PCs if they flee.  However, don't forget that PCs running in panic from the room probably will fall into the pit and be impaled.  Any PC who dies at the hands of a ghost is banished to chamber 3, where he will become a skeleton warrior without bed whose bones rest upon the floor.

Once in the room, if the PCs reach point A (the door to the tower), a disintegrate spell will be released on the person opening the door, save vs. spell or be permanently disintegrated, no resurrection.  Detect magic finds magic of the school alteration.  There is no physical trap on the door, but the lock must be picked.  Point C is a trapdoor into the dungeon.

Red Point 6, the well, is a gate to the library.  Anyone staring into the water of the well long enough and with light enough to see his own reflection will find himself in the library (Orange Point 6), holding a book in his hand called The Netherese Well.  If someone already is in the library holding this book, the gate does not work.  If one opens the book, it returns to the bookshelf and the person will be gated back to the well in Room 4.

Gwath's Tower (5).  Any written material the PCs find will disintegrate upon touch, but the PCs should find any spell components here that they might be seeking, provided that the nature of the components is such they would survive 465 years in a glass vial and still be useful.  You also could stick some magic potions in the tower, if you wish.

Before leaving the Gwathburg, Gwath placed a spell atop the tower that is not capable of stopping air or wind, but that does keep out material objects that might be blowing on the wind or flying creatures.  A flying PC, for instance, would feel as though he flew into a rubbery wall once he was within 6 feet/180 cm of the tower windows.

Library (6).  Any book a PC picks up will crumble immediately to dust.  There is only one exception:  In the middle of the second shelf from the wall is a volume called The Netherese Well.  If any PC picks up this book and opens it, he will be gated immediately to red point 6 in the chamber of the vampires (No. 4).  The book will return automatically to its place on the shelf.

The Temple in the Sky

Download the FCW dungeon plans, TEMPLE_SKY.ZIP. The GIF version of each level can be viewed below.

PLEASE NOTE:  To date there has been no official floor plan published of the Temple in the Sky.  We've based our version closely on the description given in the novel Finder's Bane by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak (TSR - 1998).

The Temple in the Sky is inhabited by 10 Zhentish soldiers who take care of the six griffons used to fly persons between the tower and the temple, about 30 gnoll warriors, five fire giants and the beholder, Xulla.  When an attack is launched, the fire giants will appear atop the Temple in the Sky and start hurling boulders down upon the attackers.  The temple's roof is about 400 feet/120 m above the ground.

NPCs of the Temple in the Sky

5 FIRE GIANTS (on the roof)  AL: LE, HD: 15HD + 1d4+1 hp, AC: -1, THAC0: 5, Attacks: 1 large rock per round for 2d10 hp dmg, HP: 34, 66, 92, 82, 71, Size: H (18'/550 cm), XP-Value: 8,000.  Fire giants are tall, but squat, resembling huge dwarves. An adult male is 18 feet tall, has a 12 foot chest, and weighs about 7,500 pounds. Fire giants have coal black skin, flaming red or bright orange hair, and prognathous jaws that reveal dirty ivory or yellow teeth.  They are immune to nonmagical fire and heat, as well as red dragon breath. They are resistant to all types of magical fire; such attacks inflict -1 hit point per die of damage.  Their maximum range with rocks is 200 yards (183 m).

30 GNOLL WARRIORS (6 on lvl 1, 6 on lvl 2, 18 on lvl 3), AL: CE, HD: 2, AC: 5, THAC0: 19, Attacks: 1 APR Halberd 1d10 dmg, HP: 2-16, Move: 9, Size: L (7'6"/122 cm), XP-Value: 35.

10 ZHENTISH WARRIORS lvl 2 (on level 1),  AL: LNC/GN, hm/f Fighter lvl 2, AC: 5, THAC0 19 Long Sword 1 APR dmg 1d8, HP: 2-20, Size M (5'6"-6'/168-183cm).  XP-Value: 35.

6 GRIFFONS (on level 1):  AL: N, HD: 7, AC: 3, THAC0: 13, Attacks: 3, 2 Talons 1d4 hp dmg, Bite 2d8 hp dmg.  HP: 7-56.  Move: 12, Flight 30.  Size: L (9'/275 cm), XP-Value: 650.

XULLA, Beholder, LE, HD 70+hp, HP: 61, THACO 5, APR 1: Bite 2d4hp dmg, SA: Magic Eyes, SD: Anti-Magic Ray,  MR: 0, Morale: Fanatic (18), XP 14,000.

Xulla's Anti-Magic Ray from the main eye is effective everywhere where the PCs are.  The powers of the 10 smaller, numbered eyes are:

1. Slow (as spell, but only a single target)

2. Sleep (as spell, but only one target)

3. Telekinesis

4. Charm monster (as spell)

5. Disintegrate (60-foot/18 m range)

6. Cause serious wounds (150 foot/45 m range)

7. Charm Person

8. Fear

9. Flesh to stone (as spell, 100 foot/30 m range)

10. Death ray (as a death spell, with a single target, 120 foot/36 m range)

SAVES:  The PCs have saving throws against the following eye abilities:  Disintegrate, vs. Spell, Flesh to Stone, vs. Spell.  There is no saving throw for the Death eye!

NPCs of the Temple in the Sky, Level 1

See the dungeon plan files TMPLLVL1.GIF.

1.  Giants' Entry Passage.  This opening is near the chain binding the temple to the Flaming Tower.  The Fire Giants use this opening to travel between the tower and the temple.

2.  Spiral Stairway (Valid for levels 1-3, ends at level 3): This is a double staircase.  The inner 3 feet/1 m is a normal stairway, with steps at the right intervals for humans and humanoids.  The outer 6 feet/180 cm is a stairway for the fire giants, with each step a 6 feet/180 cm above the last.  From the ground floor, it looks like the stairway goes up two more flights.

3.  Four Gnoll Guards.  Their main job is to control entry into the temple by the Zhents, who - unlike the gnolls and fire giants - are not worshippers of Xulla.

4.  Griffon Den.  Four gnolls guard the passage from the stairway to the den.  The PCs will find 10 Zhentish warriors and six griffons in this chamber.  The Zhentish have orders to tend the griffons and ignore other events in the temple, and they'll do just that, if necessary.  If worse comes to worse, they'll also take flight with the griffons and abandon the temple.

The Zhentish Xvimists below use the temple only to house prisoners in the cells on level 2.  If the PCs enter the den, the griffons will sense them and want to attack.  Under all circumstances - whether invisible or not - the PCs will surprise the 10 Zhentish soldiers, who are busy gambling and paying no attention to their own area.

If the PCs leave the griffons' den, they will not be pursued.  If the Zhentish soldiers see the PCs, they won't know who they are, and they will consider the PCs and their identity to be Xulla's business.

Level 2 - the Dungeon

See the dungeon plan file TMPLLVL2.GIF

This level holds 70 cells, once cells of cloistered priests or monks of Bane, now prison cells for the Zhentarim maintained by the beast cult worshippers of Xulla.  Whether any of the cells contain prisoners is for the DM to decide.  The doors of the occupied cells all are trapped with needle traps that inject type F poison (save vs. poison or die instantly) into a victim who opens the door without the proper key.  The prisoners are not aware of this trap.

Plan of Level 2

1.  Spiral Stairway.  (s. above).

2.  Walkway.  Patrolled by six gnolls with halberds (s. above).  When the PCs cross the threshold into the cell area, a permanent but invisible rune over the threshold will ban all active magic on their persons, such Invisibility, Strength, Haste, Slow, etc.  The spell Detect Magic can find the rune.

3.  70 Cells.  Each 10 x 10 feet/3 x 3 m in size, lit with a torch and lock trapped when occupied (see above).

4.  Altar of Bane.  The gnolls are unaware of this altar.  It can be found only if the secret door is detected.  Ancient blood stains the huge, black, hand-shaped altar, but nothing else is to be found here.

Plan of Level 3

See the dungeon plan fileTMPLLVL3.GIF

1.  Spiral Stairway.  The stairway ends at this level.

2.  Passages.  These tunnels are roughly 8 feet/240 cm wide and high.  They are not illuminated.

3.  Lair of the Fire Giants and the Gnolls.  If the five fire giants still are alive, they either will be here or atop the temple roof, but 12 gnolls are in the lair when the PCs arrive.  They may be sleeping, if the PCs reach the lair quietly.

4.  The Round Chamber.  The threshold to this chamber is trapped.  The floor is an illusion.  In the threshold is a hole as wide as the passage and 2 feet/60 cm across that leads to a twisting, polished chute which comes directly out on the north wall of the rock.  The PC falls then to the ground, unless his Feather Fall spell is intact, in which case he lands upon the roof of the Flaming Tower.  It's up to you to decide what he finds when he reaches the bottom of the tower stairway.  You should outfit this chamber to suit your campaign's needs.  We've left its content undefined.

The first step in each direction is connected to a mechanical trap.  Each step shows a small gap to all sides.  These are foot pressure traps.  With 30 or more pounds/14 kg pressure on them, they are set off.  The trap at the bottom of the stairs releases the 400-pound/182 kg brick above the step.  The victim can avoid being hit - if he or she has room to move quickly out of the way - by making a dexterity check with a penalty of 2.  Otherwise damage amounts to 4d5 + 20 hp.  The mechanical trap at the top of the stairs sets off a delayed blast fireball for 10d6 hp dmg within 20 feet/6 m, save vs. magical fire for ˝ dmg.

Plan of Level 4

See the dungeon plan file TMPLLVL4.GIF

1.  Stairway.  This is a continuation of the torch lit stairway described for Level 3.

2.  Xulla's Chamber.  Beyond the stairway is only absolute darkness.  As the PCs cross into the chamber, torches flame magically into life along all the walls, revealing a huge, irregular shaped chamber.  For the most part, this chamber is empty, but a large, blue beholder hovers before the PCs.  Behind the beholder on the floor is a small mountain of treasure.

3.  Temple Roof.  This level of the temple is smaller than the three lower levels.  The roof on this level is not accessible from Xulla's chamber, only from fire-giant-sized tunnels in the roof of chamber No. 3 on level 3.

The treasure contains gems and jewelry with a combined value of 500,000 gold pieces and mixed coins from different mints with a combined value of 350,000 gold pieces.

Far to the right is a golden chalice with a cover.  It contains a jewel that seems to have a dark eye in the middle of it.  This is a miscellaneous lich's phylactery.  Beneath the golden chalice are six spell books surrounded in an evil green light.  Each book has a 10d8 delayed blast fireball and a Finger of Death laid upon it, to go off the moment the book is touched.

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