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Name of Building: Wood & What Knots

Submitted by: Craig Baxter

Type of Building: Sprawling single story of wood and stone.

Business Conducted: Wood Carving

Owner: Dalyn Trueheart (elf male, 0-level, N, wood carver)

Number and Types of Employees:

1 Journeyman
Nathanel (0-level, half-elf male)
4 Apprentices
Jaelsom (0-level, elven male, he is close to journeyman status)
Shelton (0-level, human male)
Bonn (0-level elven male, Dalyn's son)
Gall (0-level, elven male, Dalyn's son)

Description of Building:

This is a single story, wood and stone structure. Stacks of logs and lumber are neatly piled outside along a side wall. A few carved figures are placed near the front door, enticing people passing by to linger. A large sign above the double doorway proclaims, 'Wood & What Knots, Burls Our Specialty.'

The salesroom is the first area inside the building. It is a small room with shelving built into the wall. Small figurines and wooden musical instruments are tastefully arranged on the shelves. There is a rack of walking canes, wands, and staves, just inside the door. They range from rough to very fine quality, however, none of them are magical. Through an open door you can hear sounds of chopping and hammering.

The workroom is a large room with a large door in the back which leads outside, while a couple of doors on one side lead to the rooms used by the journeyman and two of the apprentices.

Usually three of the employees can be found in the large room. Jaelsom or Shelton will be working on various items with Nathanel supervising and Bonn or Gall will be polishing finished items or preparing wood for new projects.

All prices listed are starting costs. Price is negotiated from there, according to wood type, degree of detail and speed of construction desired. Any wooden item may be commissioned to your specification. Some of the base prices are as follows:

Walking canes -- 1 gp
Wand -- 10 gp
Staff -- 20 gp
Toys -- 1 gp
Figurines -- 5 gp
Ship Figurehead -- 200 gp (very rare but has been ordered on occasion)
Furniture -- to order only

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