Name: Welchard the Mad (0-level human male, CN, beggar)

Submitted by: Darin Terwilliger


Welchard is a harmless man who wanders the streets trying to get people to listen his story. The story is different every time he tells it, but is always about a great evil in the sewers. Everyone that knows him realizes he is totally insane though harmless. He is normally found sitting atop a sewer grate yelling to all who pass about the great evil living below. Welchard was once an eccentric mason hired to repair an old section of the sewer until one day a wall collapsed on him knocking him out. When he woke, a shadowy form was leaning over him. He screamed and ran from the sewer and has never regained his sanity. The shadow could have been a co-worker or his imagination. Since that time he has been insane and is thoroughly convinced about the great evil in the sewers.

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