Name of Building: Tyron's Arms

Building Submission by: Kimberly Moser

Type of Building: Single story stone structure with a slate roof.

Business Conducted: Weapon smithy

Owner: Tyron Kurlak

Number and Type of Employees:
3 Apprentices
-Lloyd (0-lvl hm)
-Marken (0-lvl hm)
-Koy (0-lvl hm)
1 Shopkeeper
-Amanda Kurlak (1st-lvl fighter hf, Tyron's daughter)

Description of Building:

Tyron's Arms is an L shaped building with a fenced yard. (I have a map available. If you would like a copy E-mail>.) The structure is completely built of grey stone and the roof is slate. There are two forges at Tyron's Arms. One is an interior forge for more detailed work and the other is an exterior forge. Tyron's Arms also has a well and an intricate pump system for providing water when it is necessary. Tyron sells his own wares. His daughter, Amanda, minds the shop and is a fair smith in her own right.

Description of Business:

Tyron's Arms is a weapon smithy/Weapons Shop. Tyron specializes in blades. Swords, daggers, knives and axes designed for combat or more peaceful pursuits fill the store. Most blades found within are average quality. Prices are about 10% above PHB value. Tyron also takes special orders. Times for these orders range from one week for a dagger or knife, to one month for a two-handed sword. Prices on special orders are determined at the time of order. Of course, the price range depends on ornamentation, purity of metal and type of weapon.

One exceptional weapon hangs on the wall above the sales counter. This sword is a two-handed sword of a strange white alloy with a remorhaz leather hilt and an ivory pommel. (This sword is an intelligent Frostbrand.) It is not for sale at any price.


Tyron Kurlak (6th-lvl fighter, hm, NG) Tyron is a retired adventurer. He has lived in Arylon for seventeen years. Tyron is 5' 9", 160 pounds. He has salt and pepper hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His eyes are steel-grey and he is very soft-spoken. Tyron first came to Arylon seventeen years ago. He brought little more than a 2-month-old babe and a few chests of belongings. He set up shop in an old dwarven smithy within the year. Tyron is fair with his customers and has passed this trait to his daughter. He believes in giving the customer their money's worth, while still making a profit.

Few people actually know Tyron. He keeps to himself. Even his apprentices know little about him or his past. Everyone speculates about the death of his wife and rumors abound about his daughter. The only certainty about Tyron's past is that it is uncertain.

Amanda Kurlak (1st-lvl fighter, CG, hf) Amanda has grown up in Arylon. Her mother died when she was two months old. She doesn't know how, or why. She knows her father was deeply affected by her mother's death. Though she is curious, she would never bring up the subject because she doesn't like the haunted look it brings to his eyes. Amanda is a tall woman, 5' 11", 125 pounds. She has strange silvery black hair, and deep green eyes. Amanda has grown to be a beautiful young woman of seventeen years.

Amanda has been taught the rudiments of defense by her father. He refuses to allow her to take more advanced studies in the fighter's art. Amanda is absolutely enthralled by adventurers. Her father doesn't want her to associate with that kind of "rabble". She loves her father very much, but she is tiring of his over protectiveness.

Amanda tends Tyron's Arms during the day and spends the evenings with her father. It is during these times that he teaches her to read and write. He also teaches her a fair bit of history and he has taught her the weapon smith's art. Amanda never crafts weapons for the business. Her father says that her hands are too precious to waste in the callouses of mediocrity. She just laughs at him and says he isn't mediocre, then kisses his bearded face.

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