Torkin Greenhand: (halfing male, 8th lvl Priest of Xvim, LE)

Submitted by: Terry Doetzel

Abilities: Str. 9(18/00 with gauntlets) Int 16, Wis 17, Dex 11, Con 12, Cha 17.
Stats: hp 34; AC4 MV 5; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon type +6 (gauntlets of ogre power),
THAC0: 16
Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, mace and long-handled handaxe (for use while riding pony).
Magical items: Breastplate +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Bag of Tricks


Born in a halfling village near Zhentil Keep, Torkin was impressed an early age by the power of passing troops to demand food and shelter from those in his village. Soon, he started to emulate them, and became noted for acts of mischeviousness that escalated into acts of greed and cruelty.

In his twentieth winter, Torkin learned of Iyachtu Xvim, and finding the god matching his desires, secretly began to worship him on a makeshift altar in the woods. Iyachtu Xvim, intrigued with the idea of a halfling preist, sent him his first spells and a message in a dream to join a small party of Zhentilar heading north.

Highlights of his career: plundered halfling villages in the forested mountains north of the Citadel of the Raven, played a major role in putting down peasant uprisings around Darkhold, and helped to found a temple to Xvim in Mulmaster.

The reason he is now in Arylon is the ruins of twenty thousand years. Several civilizations have risen and fallen over this site, covered by the silt of the river. Thus it is possible many artifacts (perhaps a few magical ones) are lying under the city.

However, this is only a secondary goal, one that may help him stockpile gold and magic. His real purpose is to convert the population to his faith. To this end, he is converting people of all ranks and types with visions of grandeur for the city and themselves. The idea of magic and treasure beneath the city (taking his cue from the frenzy over Myth Drannor) serves as the bait for luring people to his cause.

Currently, Torkin works as a barber and doctor in a shop adjoining the Hawktalon mercenary company garrison (a skill he developed during his army days). This allows him to remain inconspicuous and still serve his followers without having to spend all of his time locked down in the evil shrine.

Torkin Greenhand loves luxury and comfort like any halfling, but coupled with this is his love of opulence and power. Torkin has strong fetishes towards fashionable clothes, ostentatious jewelry, and finely crafted furniture etc, and will often spend a great deal of money to ensure that he is living the life of a powerful lord. Having humans obey his orders, and the ablility to demand anything from someone, grant him huge satisfaction.

Above all, he is utterly ruthless. He has slaughtered men, women and children of his own race to advance his position and has put down the revolts of starving and diseased peasants without losing a single night's sleep. The only decision that he has made that gives him misgivings is his decision to split from the Zhentariam in the wake of Zhentil Keep's destruction.

Torkin's primary source of worshipers are found in the lower class peasantry and labourers, promising them greater power and wealth through the worship of Iyachtu Xvim than they could hope to garner on their own. He has 30 followers, mostly hot-headed and ambitious young men, the offspring of Arylon's latest wave of human and halfling settlers.

His main allies are a mercenary group comprised of former Zhentilar calling themselves the Hawktalons. His two other allies are a bit unusual. One is named Ullim (a killmoulis or brownie-kin) who acts as his spy par excellance. The other is Wessex, a wererat who ran from his family in Waterdeep. Wessex is overseeing the excavation and exploration of ruins beneath the city.

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