Name: Thraim (Shield Dwarf, Male, 26 yrs, 3' 4", 120 lbs., 1st Level, fighter (clansdwarf kit), LG. Apprentice at Moradin's Forge.)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 11; Dex 10; Con 14; Cha 9; Int 17; Wis 6
Alignment: NG
Wealth: 50gp
XP: 200
Weapon Proficiencies: Axe, Short Sword, Heavy Crossbow, and 1 slot available.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Weaponsmithing(B) Endurance (B), Dwarven Ruins (B), Appraising, and Blacksmithing.
HP: 5
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Gnome, elvish, Goblin
Equipment: Clothing, General Supplies, Short Sword, Axe.


Thraim is shorter and lighter than Farak, but still has a couple of years of growth left. Thraim has unusual blue eyes and white hair, but has yet to grow a beard. He is usually seen wearing his forge apron, which he unwittingly wears as a badge of who he is. It carries the Law Wielder crest on it, a trait he picked up from Farak, not realizing it is a common trait of Clansdwarves.


Thraim once lived at the orphanage in Arylon. Upon reaching the Dwarven age of majority, he wanted to follow the Dwarven tradition, so Kethryllia Hawksong went to the Dwarven quarter to seek a vocation for the lad. Upon entering the area she spied the forge, and knowing little about Dwarves except their abilities to make things, she went in and asked Farak Law Wielder if there were any opportunities.

Farak, who had recently finished his own apprenticeship, at first thought this elven woman must be joking. Though the thought of taking an apprentice to help out, did appeal to him. After a short discussion Kethry realized Farak thought she was looking for the position, at which time Farak was informed of the person she was representing. Farak jumped at the chance. Thraim was brought over and was elated to take up such a traditional Dwarven occupation.

Thraim is full of more youthful exuberance than wisdom, but is intelligent and learns skills quickly. Though not fully sure he wants to become more than a warrior/smith, Farak has been training him as a Clansdwarf. If he chooses that route, his training at least will be in place.

Thraim is not as superstitious or religious as his mentor, but he always remains respectful of his master's wishes. Thraim usually handles the basic metal work done at the forge, though not as glamorous as weaponsmithing, it is important, too. The work being simpler is a good way to prepare the young Dwarf for his future as a smith.

Thraim lives at the Forge and has his own room. He has become one of the Law Wielder brothers, adopted into their family unit. They are wondering when he will show an interest in the Law.

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