Name: Thorne Lyonspur - Holy Justice of Tyr (hm, 8th lvl Priest of Tyr)

Submitted by: Galwylin

Stats: Str 12, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 13
Hp: 52
Spells: 5 1st, 5 2nd, 4 3rd, 3 4th
Special abilities (as per F&A): Knowledge of the laws and legal codes of Arylon, saving throw to spell or spell-like abilities from the law sphere cast are made at -2 penalty, able to 'hold person' once a day, cast 'strength of one' once a day, able to 'memory read' once every three days and impose the need for 'impeding permission' on another once a tenday, able to 'detect lie' at will, make three melee attacks every two rounds.


Thorne is a tall, thin man. His sad blue eyes soften his stern facial features. Thorne always wears Tyr's colors. He is rarely seen on the city streets, preferring to work on his ever-increasing volume of Arylon laws and recording the judgements he has been involved in. Occasionally his duties require him to attend city functions. He always brings his wife, Diana, to these outings.


Thorne was born in Neverwinter, the City of Skilled Hands. There, he petitioned the Hall of Justice and was accepted into the clergy. His life at the temple was fulfilling. His ambitions were met favorably within the faith and he proved himself at an early age, thereby being awarded a judgeship. During this period, he met and married the daughter of a local farmer. His career and life seemed blessed by Tyr.

During the Time of Troubles, his father-in-law, Caleb Brondor, was brought up on charges of murder. Believing Caleb would be proven innocent; he passed the case to another judge. That judge let public opinion guide his judgments and found Caleb guilty. Thorne's father-in-law was put to death. Diana never spoke of it. Later, the judge who had sentenced her father to death, killed himself in shame when Caleb was proven innocent of the charges.

Darl, Thorne's brother-in-law, became embittered toward the Hall of Justice and Thorne. During an argument with his sister regarding Thorne and the Hall of Justice, he vowed to never speak to Diana again. Thorne and Diana left the memories and city behind and traveled south. They thought to settle in Waterdeep but instead chose Arylon in hopes that the growing city would supply the happiness they once found in Neverwinter.

The couple bought a house in the Inner Ward, and prepared to build a new life for themselves. Thorne opened a small bookstore in their home. Business was slow to nonexistent, and he began supplementing their income by offering legal advice and representation to individuals who dealt with the Council.

Thorne met Maldin Sternbrew of Baldur's Gate and Maldin offered Thorne a version of what he had lost in Neverwinter. He and Thorne became friends during their heated debates concerning the Council and Arylon's citizens. Maldin saw, in Thorne, a man dedicated to justice. Thorne was again strong in his faith but gave the impression that justice was all he seemed to have left. Thorne was offered, and accepted, Maldin's council position when the elder man resigned.

Once Thorne was sworn in, speculation regarding the new council member and his wife grew. Thorne and his lovely wife rarely spoke during the celebration, and this further inflamed the gossip. A rumor broke out that Thorne was involved with one of the dock ward women and sympathy for Diana increased. There was even a short movement to have the new member removed on moral charges, a first in the Council's history. Thorne stoically withstood the assault and, to this day, he has never spoken to anyone regarding personal matters.

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