Thadeus of Lathander hm NG SP7 of Lathander; Head of the Order of the Sphinx

Str:8, Dex:10, Con:10, Int:14, Wis:17, Cha:16 hp:26 AC:10 or 3

WP: mace, staff, hammer

NWP: healing, musical instrument-lyre, artistic ability-composition, local history-Western Heartlands, undead lore, persuasion, etiquette, heraldry, religion, singing, administration, oratory.

Magical items: +2 chainmail, wand of illumination (7), mace of disruption- called the "Ray of First Light" Special abilities: as 7th level Morninglord


He is a tall man of middle years. He is articulate, urbane, graceful, and well-mannered. His eyes are brown and hair is black, turning silver. He wears robes of saffron except when he must wear his armor. Thadeus is master administrator and uses his talents to keep the Chapterhouse humming along. He is a man of powerful charisma; few that meet him are not impressed by his bearing. It is said that he can out-haggle Waukeen and best a pit fiend in a deal. He prefers to delegate his authority and is an excellent judge of potential in others. All of these skills make it unlikely that he will be removed from the Speaker's Seat against his will.

He was born into the Estelmer noble family of Waterdeep to a branch that would never see rule of the house. At a young age, his ability to wheedle what he wanted from the servants and a large number of the family marked him as a possible candidate for political power in the city. His great-uncle arranged that he be sent to The Spires of the Morning to be educated and hopefully become the patriarch of the temple so Estelmer would increase their power. Thadeus honed his skills, but was not ambitious enough to move rapidly through the clerical ranks. He liked administration, but really enjoyed the fine arts and learning to the cut-and-thrust politics of the Spires and Waterdhavian life. Deemed a disappointment to House Estelmer, he coasted for nearly a decade as a valuable, high-potential, but low-ranked priest. When the Dragonspear problems occurred, he applied for leave to aid the soldiers. The Patriarch agreed, thinking this might be the spark to motivate him to greater things. Thadeus saw this as a New Beginning and threw his efforts into plotting and planning assaults, healing, and increasing morale. His organizational skills won Waterdeep an important engagement against a squad of baatezu sent to destroy Zundbrige. After the campaign, he participated in the Dragonspear Accords. During the interfaith discussions, he was the first and loudest to respond to Alconyx's challenge. Again, a New Beginning loomed in front of him. He was elected to the Speaker's Seat by the first members and has held that spot for 7 winters now.

As Head of the Order of the Sphinx, he uses his abilities to promote the aims of Lathander, the Order, House Estelmer, and Arylon in that order. He is clever enough to disguise his priorities. So far nothing has come about that conflicts with his loyalties. He is one of the Reserved; he sees himself as a advisor and consultant. This is contradictory to his actions: both at the Dragonspear Accords and as Head of the Order. All candidates come before him for a interview so he may judge the worthiness of each before the Council and full chapter decide admission. It is very unlikely that any given member will have much to do with Thadeus, unless severe discipline or important tasks require it. He does attend every general meeting as he sees it as improving morale and fostering an image of accessibility.

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