Name: Teor (hem, LN, 4th lvl Dawnlord of Lathander, House of Dawn)

Submitted by: Tim Haney


Teor was found in the shrine of the House of Dawn, abandoned by his parents. The priest assumed he was around the age of two but malnutrion had ravaged his young body so badly they couldn't be certain. He barely recalls a woman's face that he thinks may have been his mother. He has black hair with a tinge of green around the ears which probably means he comes from green elf stock but no one, including Teor, knows what his origins are. Due to his ordeal, he has a slender body, often racked by a dry cough.

Teor grew up in the House of Dawn and over the years discovered he didn't quite fit in with others of the city. The priests of the temple were kind to him but he learned, outside the temple, was a completely different world. Outside the walls, he saw the distrust in the eyes of the humans. The few half-elves he happened upon seemed to speak down to him as if he hadn't gone through the ordeals of discrimination they had. Once in the marketplace, he accidently bumped into an elven warrior who drew his blade on him. That night he'd asked the priests what a "half-breed bastard" was. Eventually, Teor stopped leaving the temple and turned to the temple books for comfort.

Preferring to listen to Geena's teachings, he soon joined the priesthood. In his role as a priest, he seems to have found a place among the humans of the city. He still doesn't feel at ease with half-elves and prefers to avoid true elves.

At the House of Dawn, he busies himself in the library. If ever a question on doctrine arises, Teor is the one to ask. He is steadfast in his beliefs unless proof is found in the sacred texts of Lathander.

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