Name: Tanya Glory (hf, B3, NG)

Submitted By: Jade Williams <>

Tanya is a young woman who came to Arylon from the Great Dale. Her older brother is a warrior who took part in the uprising against the Zhentarim. She would sit at home and listen avidly as he spoke of the cruel Zhentarim whenever he got back from his patrols. Tanya developed into a storyteller-- re-telling her brothers stories to the local villagers. She tended to embellish the details slightly-- her brother was "a mighty warrior, leading peasant heroes against hundreds of the evil, black-hearted Zhentarim," but despite this she was looked upon as the best source of news during the many months that the rebellion went on. After being oppressed and terrorised so long, she saw everyone was joyful and happy, and starting to have hope again. She wanted to preserve these memories of past and present so people would never forget what they had done.

Tanya found an old mage who taught her to read and write, and she began eagerly collecting the stories from other warriors, and writing them down. She had seen the few books in the mage's possession, and he had taught her of their value- and how they spoke of deeds done many years past. She hoped to create a book of her own, and dreamed of presenting the first copy to her brother when he came home that winter. Before she could show her brother, he had a vision and left to travel west in search of the Harpers.

Tanya was teaching the other children of the village to read and write, using her limited knowledge and eager storytelling, when she heard the news. She was deeply saddened- she wanted him to come home to a heroes welcome so she could finish her book like the fairy-tales she had read. The other children saw this, and pooled their talents to decorate the book Tanya was making. They presented it to her, and told her to follow her brother- to finish the book rather than leave it halfway.

Tanya took the little money she had and set off west, helping to pay for her passage with stories and songs. She quickly learnt that, although her stories had a certain charm, to the people of the Dales and Cormyr, there were many more topics of conversation that were just as exciting. She worked hard during the weeks that she was journeying through the Dalelands, improving her skills, and learning new songs and stories.

She met up with her brother in Arylon. After presenting him with the stories of the Great Dale, she enrolled in the new Bard's College to learn the tales of the western heartlands.

Tanya is a storyteller, with a fondness for tales of heroes fighting oppressive governments and organisations. She has a soothing voice, which she never raises, and is known for her impressions and local accents. Tanya has a way with children, and they love her growling dragon voices, majestic elves, whiny villains, and proud heroes. They gather to enjoy her stories each night just before dusk, when she sits in the park. She tells these stories because she enjoys them. They don't detract from her professional work, or interfere with other bards' performances.

Because she is primarily a storyteller, Galdarion found it difficult to find her regular jobs. After a few weeks, he approached Tanya with an offer: He would give her a permanent job in the College, if she would put her skills to work persuading the Council and merchants to start a guild of instrument makers. Tanya has taken to this role eagerly as it means she can be out in the city talking to many different people.

Due to her childhood growing up under the brutal rule of the Zhents, Tanya dislikes violence. She is trained in the use of the sword, but rarely carries one, preferring a staff, thin leather armour (AC9), and her sharp tongue to get her out of trouble. She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and grey eyes.

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