Name: Talon Fleetsword (hm, F2, CN, Trainer [ex guard] )

Submitted By: Jade Williams

Talon works as a trainer at the Balanced Sword. Talon was born in Waterdeep 22 winters ago to a trail guard from Neverwinter and a shop assistant. The pregnancy was unexpected and Talon's father had left by the time Sharileth, his mother, had found out. Several winters later on his 9th birthday, Talon met up with his father who had no idea he was a father. Talon took his surname from his father at this time, but never says anything else about him.

Talon was a strong child and a natural fighter like his father. However, his mother worked hard to get him a good education and made sure he saw all walks of life around the city. He studied hard. During his 18th year, he was given the opportunity to become a guard for the House of Ilvastarr. A fighter at heart, he took the job.

Two summers ago, 'Flingsword' as he was nicknamed (due to his uncanny ability to fumble his sword during combat), gained his spurs acting as a guard to Ilvastarr house nobles as part of an expedition into Undermountain. They were investigating a report from an adventuring band of "purple flying rats with vicious claws". Being a house that invested in animal training and breeding, the nobles were interested in finding out what these were, their ecology, and possible relationship to other species. After netting a sizeable group of orpsu, the party was ambushed by a pack of Tren, and a fighting withdrawal was made. It was during this retreat that Talon grabbed the magical sword, Illuminator, from one of the Tren leaders.

Following the Chaos of Halaster's Harvestide, the House saw an unprecedented opportunity to obtain new, rare creatures for study. Talon was sent to Arylon as part of a hunting expedition and decided to stay. This decision was partly due to the number of elves he met. Talon's mother had elf-blood in her recent ancestry, and told amazing stories to Talon as a child. Since then, he has always been fascinated with things elven, and is always looking for elven items, stories, and so on. He secretly dreams of meeting a nice elven lass and falling in love.

Talon enjoys working for Chalice. He is learning new skills, enjoys listening to her stories of the Dalelands, and is getting to know the half-elf brothers Hondo & Santo. He has also found that his run of fumbles seems to have stopped.

Talon lives in a small flat owned by the Ilvastarr house, paying rent each month, and reporting back any pertinent information he hears. He owns Illuminator, a long sword +1, that can cast light once/day (priest version, lasts 2 hours), chain mail +1, a holy symbol of Tyche that he found in Undermountain, and a shield with the Ilvastarr crest on.

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