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Name of business: Skirts and Britches

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Business conducted in the building: Clothiers

Business Owners: Duraim and Doala

Number and Types of employees: Seamstress & Tailor

Description of business:

Skirts and Britches is a small shop divided in half on the inside. On one side is all of the women's wear materials and Doala's tools, on the other is the men's wear materials and Duraim's tools. Each has a small work bench for sewing and they share a three sided mirror and platform for customers to be fitted for clothing. Both sides of the shop are lined with shelves filled with many fabrics for use in making clothes. The quality of workmanship is good to excellent, depending on the customer's wishes. Work clothes tending to be put together with durability rather than style in mind, while fine clothes demand more precise if not as hard wearing stitches.

All manner of clothing, ranging from common to fine cut, may be purchased using the fabrics on hand in the store. Rich garments require the purchase of other fabrics that tend to be too expensive to keep on hand, though work on rich clothing is uncommon for the shop.

The cost of clothing is the product of the quality of the cloth and how elaborate the style is. Prices for typical works are as per the players handbook. Mending of clothes again depends on the style and cloth, and can range from 1cp for taking up a hem on a pair of common britches, to 20gp to alter the flow of a rich dress.


Name: Duraim (Shield Dwarf, Male, Age 240, 4', 150lbs, 0, Tailor, LG)

Stats: Str: 5; Dex: 15; Con: 10; Cha: 14; Int: 11; Wis: 13;
HP: 4
Wealth: 1500gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common


This venerable dwarf, whose hair and beard have long since turned to white, loves his craft almost as much as his wife of 200 years, Doala. Though his eyesight is starting to fade and his joints to stiffen, his ability to sew has not diminished. His eyes, once they were bright and shining, now seem dull and unaware, due to cataracts. His kindly nature is that of a grandfather sharing advice, whether asked for or not. He and his wife never had any children of their own.

Name: Doala (Shield Dwarf, Female, Age 220, 3'10", 110lbs, 0, Seamstress, LG)

Stats: Str: 5; Dex: 14; Con: 8; Cha: 16; Int: 12; Wis: 14
HP: 3
Wealth: 1700gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common


This dwarf learned how to sew from her mother, who learned from her mother, and so on. Her family has produced seamstresses as far back as is recorded. She married her husband Duraim when she was twenty, a match her parents thought particularly appropriate since he was trained with needle and thread himself. Her joints are starting to feel their age, though she gladly continues her trade with due diligence. Her hair, like her husband's, is white, though her eyes still sparkle a bright blue. To make up for not having any children of her own, Doala takes it upon herself to be a grand-mother to any who enter her shop. Ever ready with whatever cookies she may have on hand, and ready with advice for common maladies to life direction.

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