Name: Silvia Ratslayer (half-f, 0 lvl)

Submitted by: Darin Terwilliger

Stats: Str 7; Dex 13; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 6; Cha 17

Silvia is 20 years old, three feet tall with long black hair and a sweet smile. She has silver eyes and a sweet voice. Her greatest dream is to become a bard.

Silvia's family lived in Thay. Her mother, Janette, was in the employ of a young Red Wizard, Lutian. One day, during a meeting, Silvia's mother and father snuck into the food locker to retrieve foodstuffs for their hungry family. They were caught by Lutian and two other wizards. ( Lutian had previously been the butt of jokes for employing and not enslaving these halflings.) So, to save face with his peers he attacked full force, and killed them instantly. Then the three wizards hunted and enslaved the remainder of Silvia's family. Silvia barely escaped this fate by fleeing through the local sewers.

While in the sewers, Silvia was attacked by a giant rat, losing a finger and developing an intense hatred for the rodents. After she emerged from the sewers, she wandered aimlessly for weeks. Tymora smiled on the young halfling and Silvia joined a caravan heading to Elturel. From Elturel, she stowed away on a barge bound for Arylon.

Silvia stayed in Arylon. The number of wee folk, halflings and gnomes, gave her a sense of belonging. She hired on as a waitress at a local dive. While on duty one day, she spotted a rat running along the wall. In a fury, she dropped the steaming plate of food she was carrying on a customer, then grabbed his dagger and hacked the rat to bits. Silvia was promptly fired.

Silvia then registered at Alanna's Servant Agency, and works where and when she can. She dreams of being a bard and can usually be found where they perform. Unfortunately, everyone (except Alanna) rudely points out that her dream is impossible and that no one would ever pay attention to such a ridiculous notion.

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