Name of building: Silvershadow Exotic Wines and Wares

Submitted by: Darin Terwilliger

Type of building: 2 story (with basement) stone structure

Business conducted: Store

Owner:Alvareze Silvershadow

Number and Types of Employees:

  • Alcan (1st level human thief, clerk)
  • Sansia Windschimer (1/1 Gnome Illusionist/thief)

Description of building:

Silvershadow Exotic Wines and Wares is a stone, two story building. Located in the basement there is an entrance to a shrine to Mask. The main floor is the store with a small warehouse located in the back. The front of the store has samples of all items for sale. To reach the warehouse, there is a trap that the employees know how avoid. The trap is a dart trap built into the wall; anyone who sets one off is hit with a dart. These darts are normal, but are tipped with salt. When they enter as a wound the victim must make a Con check or cry out in pain. The pain causes a -2 to attack and defense and a -25% to thieving skills for 1-4 rounds. The second story is the employees' rooms. There are a total of 5 rooms including a small alchemy lab. This is to check the ingredients that adventurers bring in to sell. The other room is used for thieves that need a place to stay and hide.

Description of business:

Silvershadow Exotic Wines and Wares is a store that deals in all sorts of exotic goods. If it is normal, but exotic, there is always a chance that it can be bought here. There is a 1% chance that he can have a magic item for sale- price is usually 100 times the xp value of the item. His motto is " If it's for sale, I can get it." He also buys items from people and caravans passing through Arylon. He always has a list of items that people wish to buy. He has been known to buy items from adventurers who are down on their luck. He will purchase things that most merchants won't, such as art works. He also buys gems and jewels but there may be a day or two wait for the gold.

Located in a secret room under the basement is the shrine to Mask, and on holy nights he holds services here. Thieves that get into trouble can go to Alvareze. He will if he can; he won't put himself in danger, though. He can get any thief out of the city quickly. He has made friends in the city guard and knows when someone is being hunted.

The Shrine To Mask

This stone room is connected to the basement of the shop via a secret door that is actually a moving pallet of elven wine. This pallet weighs about 300lbs, but by hitting 3 rocks in the back of the fireplace in proper order, the pallet rises off the ground about 1 inch. Unless the location of the switch is known with the proper combination, it is nearly impossible to find and open this secret door. Even if the pallet is moved, there is nothing but a small area approx 2 feet deep, and 4 feet wide. Inside is a small sack of gems(10 5gp gems). If searched well, one can find a place that is hollow under the right side of the floor. To operate the door, a person has to place their fingers into 4 holes and press buttons in the proper order. If the buttons are not pressed in the proper order, 4 razor sharp blades slice the fingers in the hole doing 1d4 and save vs. Death to avoid losing them. If these are pressed correctly, a wall behind a clerk's desk slides open to reveal the shrine.

The room is 25 feet by 50 feet and looks like the cellar of any stone building. The room is lit so no matter where you stand, you are always in shadows. The effect isn't magical, but it may seem so to those who worship here. There are 4 benches located here for those who come to worship on holy days. The altar is made of grey marble imported from Mask's realm in the Grey Wastes engraved with a holy symbol of Mask. There is an ornate knife made of fine gold and studded with black opals. There is another door located in here but it leads to a tunnel system that is ancient and very much in need of repair.

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