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Name of building: Silver Lady

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

Type of building: two-story wooden structure

Business conducted in the building: Inn/Tavern (an unregistered brothel)

Owner: Kethryllia Hawksong

Number and Types of employees:

Jhandra Dovesinger (0 level human female)
4 male bouncers
unnamed (0 level human males)
6 female prostitutes
unnamed (0 level)
3 wait staff
unnamed (0 level)
1 cook
Kerrin (0 level halfling male)
2 chambermaids
unnamed (0 level females)

Description of building:

The Silver Lady is a two-story wooden building situated in the dock area. The ground floor consists of a large tavern, a private meeting room and a kitchen. The upper floor holds ten bedrooms each with a double bed, dresser and desk. The Silver Lady is riddled with secret passageways behind the bedrooms. These passageways are monitored by three of the four bouncers to ensure the safety of the women working at the Silver Lady.

Description of business:

The Silver Lady is officially an inn and tavern, although it is well known that if you go there you can purchase the services of one of the ladies. The Silver Lady is frequented by sailors and workers from the docks.

Kethryllia takes the profits from the Silver Lady and invests them in the Arylon Orphanage, the orphanage school and back into the Silver Lady. She keeps a small portion to run her own household.

All the prostitutes are instructed to delve for information without being obtrusive. Kethry uses the information she receives to keep tabs on shipments and other items coming into and going out of Arylon - especially smuggled shipments. In addition, she likes to keep tabs on the river captains. She tends to keep a closer eye on the ones with bad reputations.

The fare is simple and caters to dock and river workers' tastes (fish, stew, cheaper fare basically - rates for food are very cheap due to most of the money being made off the girls). The alcohol served is hard liquor that rougher men are used to: rum, whisky, ale, poor-quality wine, etc.-rates tend to be inexpensive as Kethry knows dock and river workers have little money.

Rates for the girls are 5sps/hour, rates for a room without a girl (an uncommon experience) are 5sps/night. Two men can share a girl with her permission. Free alcohol, the cheap stuff, is served in the room with the girl, as it's Kethry's belief that alcohol loosens the tongue.

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