Name of Building: Shrine to Torm

Submitted By: Darin Terwilliger

Type of Building: 1 story stone structure

Business conducted: Shrine to Torm

Owner: Orthin Demonslayer

Number and Types of Employees: none

Description of building:

The shrine is located in the Field Ward just northeast of the Keep and outside the city's walls. The shrine has no employees or keepers. It is kept up by the faithful of Torm with the help of an Unseen Servant that polishes the reliquary and cleans the shrine. One must be lawful and good to enter. It is a smallish, two-roomed building that holds up to 50 people on holy days. The back room is a small den and library where Orthin kept his notes. The main room contains the altar and seats the faithful comfortably. The seats can be removed for room for 20 people to sleep/rest. The Unseen Servant replaces the seats by midmorning.

This shrine was built by Orthin after he defeated a large, powerful demon in the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Orthin wished to honor Torm for his victory. Orthin knew he was dying from fighting the tanar'ri and set about preparing the shrine. He hired the best craftsmen to perform the work while he prayed for Torm's blessing. He hired spellcasters to enchant the shrine with several permanent spell effects, such as Forbiddance and Unseen Servant. Any worshiper of Torm who spends a night in the sanctuary is refreshed and healed of insanities and infirmities. The sanctuary does this because inside the stone altar lies Orthin's Holy Avenger, "Torm's Justice". Orthin's dusty, purple, plate mail is located in one corner. It rests over the vault Orthin is buried in. Because he didn't want anything to happen to the shrine, he gave the few coins he had left to the City Council for taxes to keep the building in perpetuity. The Council waived the tax burden as long as the building remains in it is present form and function.

Located in a small room in the back is the den and library where Orthin wrote his journals. The journals mention the location of the tanar'ri's lair and also notes there may be more of the evil creatures. Orthin was a great paladin and priest of Torm, but he was no mapmaker. Anyone trying to follow the map or directions will be lost in the Wood of Sharp Teeth.

The shrine was built 5 years ago and its unique properties have been drawing pilgrims and a steady stream of constant worshipers. It is rumored that a High Cleric of Torm may arrive to expand the shrine into a temple.

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