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Name of building: The Shining Star

Submitted by: CR Simmons

Type of building: 2 story stone building

Business conducted: Prostitution

Owner: Jezra Greten

Number and Types of employees:
8-10 Courtesans (all 0 lvl)
4 Bouncers (1-3 lvl fighters)
2 cooks/maids

Description of building:

The Shining Star was originally an inn catering to wealthy merchants. It is a two story building made entirely of stone, with a slate roof. Having fallen into disuse after the bankruptcy of its former owner, the building was purchased by Jezra Greten and converted into a house of ill-repute. She had the interior entirely gutted and rebuilt.

The exterior of the building is nondescript and has no sign or other indication of what lies within. The interior is floored and paneled with dark mahogany wood. Costly furniture from Sembia decorates all the rooms and fine paintings and tapestries adorn the walls.

The main door opens into a small foyer where guests are greeted by the doorman. The main room is lavishly outfitted with opulent couches and armchairs. Velvet draperies create alcoves and private areas. The original bar from the inn was reinstalled and runs the length of the main room. Behind the bar is a door which leads to Jezra's suite and the kitchens. A beautiful wooden staircase leads upstairs. Under the staircase is another door which leads to two large bathrooms which are tiled and contain large copper bathtubs.

The kitchens are large and well appointed. A set of stairs in the kitchen leads to the basement which contains several wine racks. The basement also serves as a storage area. Jezra lives in an opulent two-room suite. The sitting room contains a writing desk, and several sitting chairs. Jezra's bedroom contains a magnificent four-posted canopy bed, and a large wardrobe. Also, there is a hidden floor-safe installed beneath a well-crafted trapdoor.

Upstairs is a hall with 10 doors which open into large rooms where guests are 'entertained'. Each room contains a bed, a dresser, and several mirrors crafted of the finest materials. All rooms include a fireplace and at least one window. There is a privy at the end of the hall.

Description of business:

The Shining Star caters to the upper class of Arylon. The prices are steep, but the value of the services provided are undisputed. Only gentlemen with obvious means are allowed to enter the establishment. Jezra is the soul of discretion when it comes to her clientel, as the Shining Star relies on word of mouth to increase its customer base. The gentlemen are treated as nobility, and their desires are fulfilled whenever possible.

The clients enter the foyer and are shown into the main room. There they are escorted to Jezra who puts the men at ease and finds out what services they wish to purchase. Jezra then introduces the client to the most suitable woman available. The clients are encouraged to talk to the girls and buy them drinks from the bar (of course, the girls' drinks are watered down by the bartender). Jezra collects payment before the couple goes upstairs.

Jezra keeps a journal in which she notes information about her clients. She keeps track of when a particular customer drops by, which type of woman he prefers, and what types of entertainment they like. Also, Jezra instructs her girls to listen for any information which may be dropped by a client. They are to inform her after the client departs of anything they may have learned. This information has never been used for blackmail as Jezra prides herself on running a discreet operation. However, she feels that this information could be invaluable in the event of a disaster.

All of the girls who work for Jezra are beautiful and courteous. Most of them are human, but there are usually one or two half-elves employed at any one time. Every woman employed at the Shining Star is instructed in courtesy and etiquette by Jezra and current employees before they become available to the customers. Jezra loses 1 or 2 girls a year due to them meeting customers who wish to make their relationships more permanent. Jezra has no problem with this as attracting new girls is easy (due to the luxury afforded them) and the turnover provides new distractions for her steady customers.

Two of the bouncers are on public duty at all times, one acts as doorman and the other serves as bartender. They are well dressed and discreet. They quitely attempt to remove any troublemakers without disturbing the other customers. The other two bouncers stay out of sight in the kitchen. They are always armed with short swords and leather armor, in case things get rough. Jezra has also requested, and been granted, extra patrols near her establishment to ensure that her customers remain unmolested.


Name: Jezra Greten (hf, 0 lvl,CN, Madame)


Jezra was born in Arylon 35 years ago to a wealthy ship captain. She grew to be a beautiful young woman and in an attempt to integrate the family with the aristocracy, was sent to boarding school and raised as a proper lady. At the young age of 17, she was married to a much older man, Horger Neargen. Horger was one of the many adventurers who used the city as a base, but unlike most, he was very successful. He accumulated a sizable fortune before running out of luck three years after marrying. Jezra was left alone but wealthy.

Unconstrained by the strict hand of her late husband, Jezra quickly developed a taste for expensive wines and clothing. Unfortunately, she neglected to make any provisions for the future, and was soon living well beyond her means. In order to maintain the lifestyle she had become accustomed to, she needed a way to generate fresh income. She was unwilling to remarry because she enjoyed her newfound freedom. But what was a young, attractive lady without any skills whatsoever to do? The answer, of course, was to encourage a wealthy man to 'sponsor' her. She became the mistress of a rich merchant.

The merchant showered Jezra with gold and finery. After a year of this, Jezra decided that if having one benefactor was good, having many would be even better. Using her beauty, charm, and fine manners, Jezra had no trouble at all attracting new admirers. In a short time, five men claimed Jezra as their mistress. Inevitably, one of her lovers discovered the existence of the others. He contacted the other men and all stopped supporting Jezra. However, her earlier close call with poverty had instilled in her a sense of fiscal responsibility.

She took the money she had set aside against just such an occurence and set her plan for financial independence into action. Using almost all of her funds, she purchased an inn in the center of the city and had the interior opulently redecorated. She recruited several women of beauty, class, and loose morals to work in her new establishment. Soon the doors of The Shining Star opened for business.

Jezra is very attractive and genteel. She is always polite, even in the most hostile situations. However beneath her cultured veneer, Jezra is very self-centered and vindictive. Her only concerns are the continued viabilty of her business and her own comfort. Anyone crossing her on even a small matter has made an enemy for life. She will use any means, from assassination to spreading false rumors to gain retribution. To her friends, however, she is very helpful and generous, as long as there is the possibility that she may be able to recall the debt in the future.

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