Name: Sheelan Grayoak, Second Lieutenant in the Order of the Griffin (ef LG F6/M7 - Warwizard)

Submission by: Scott Paffenroth

Stats: Str 14, Int 16, Wis 13, Dex 19, Con 14, Cha 17
Magic Items: +2 elven chainmail, +2 longsword of speed, +2 longbow-elven design.
Notable Proficiencies: spellcraft, reading/writing, survival-woodlands, blind-fighting, riding -landbased, trainer-horse, snare building, tracking, specialized in single weapon style-longsword, bowyer/fletcher, heraldry

Sheelan is 165 years old, stands 5'5" and weighs 105 pounds. Delicate features surround eyes the color of bright Rashemar amber, golden-red hair cascades down her back in curling locks, and her flawless skin the color of molten gold make Sheelan an exquisitely beautiful woman. Let no man believe such a breathtaking woman is defenseless. Sheelan has had more than her share of suitors who believed this to be the case. Her patience is strong but not limitless, and many who believe she cannot defend herself have felt her blade. Her convictions are strong and any that give her the respect she deserves, on merit, will have it returned in kind.

Sheelan is from a small village of gold elves that live on the fringes of the High Forest. At an early age she demonstrated a tactician's mind, always racing to the next move her opponents would take. If not for the patient training she received, Sheelan may have raced her way to an early grave. Sheelan was in training to be a War Wizard in Evereska when her family was attacked and killed by a drow patrol. She made an Elven vow, the Blood Oath, to destroy any drow patrol she encountered.

In the ensuing years Sheelan became adept at hunting down small patrols of dark elves. Her favorite tactic was hit and run. She would set up the groundwork ahead of time and would lead patrols of Drow through cunningly devised traps camouflaged by the woodlands. For her relentless pursuit and for all her efforts to protect the forest and the good people that inhabit it, she was given a gleaming set of magical elven chain from the Elves of the Shadow Oaks.

When Sheelan was 155 she made her first mistake hunting the drow. Knowing of her past exploits a large drow war party set a trap for Sheelan. They split their force to surround her, the drow baited their trap with children of a nearby tree top village. Sheelan slew 3 drow before she was captured. Unknown to the drow, Sharelle, Bili, Karel and 21 knights of Mystra were traveling along the Unicorn Run river.

Hearing the battle Karel and 15 of the soldiers formed up a line, south, for a forward assault whilst Sharelle, Draylin, Bili and 5 knights moved to the east to complete the pinch and cut off survivors. In the ensuing battle the knights accounted for the deaths of 15 drow. The rest fled to the river, moving north, where they met an avenging patrol of moon elves that slaughtered them to their last.

Karel never asked Sheelan to leave the forest but she felt she owed this human, who helped her save elven children, a debt. The Elven Elder gave his leave stating she should surrender her Blood Oath to the next generation of the People of the Forest. Her time as a defender of the Forest was at its end and it was necessary for her to move on. Sheelan then left the life of a protector of the High Forest to travel with the knights of Mystra.

Sheelan has since been with the Order of the Griffin and has put her skills to good use. After her third year with the order, Sheelan was promoted to second sergeant and continued the climb to her present rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Training and traveling with the Mystran knights has been a grand learning experience; there are humans who care about more than themselves and are willing to put it to the test. Following the human goddess of magic has at times been a challenge but she has pursued it with a desire to bond between their two cultures and peoples.

Sheelan is now a master horse rider and trainer. She is currently working out a breeding program with second sergeant, Sir Stefan Darganz. He recently acquired a magnificent stallion during a quest for the goddess Mystra. Hoping to combine the most favorable traits of each horse into a viable hybrid, she has spent most of her off hours studying the pair, awaiting the optimum time for them to breed. It is her hope that she will eventually produce enough horses to replace the current herd.

Sheelan's training duties include instructing all troop members in a variety of tactics. Fighting in a woodland environment is her specialty. She attempts to instruct all members in the elven method of fighting amongst the trees. She fully understands Karel has been the experience that has made the order so effective in the past but her skills in woodland tactics have made an impact on the Order. When most troops would lose their cohesiveness fighting in forests the Order of the Griffin is completely at ease.

Her other duties are with Dorian Ironcloak, teaching the Order's scouts (Rangers) the skills of tracking, camouflage, and silent movement through the woodlands. She enjoys a good chase with a talented new recruit. Using her skills to blend into the woods she leads the candidate on a merry chase. Most new recruits are given a "trial by fire"; they are taken into the woods and pass a survival of one week living off the land and in addition they gather information on nearby activities. Not to lose a new member so easily, as accidents do happen, Sheelan watches the member the entire time from a distance. She has had to help more than one recruit survive encounters they had not planned on.

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