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Name of building: Sephias' Crystal Ball- Glazier and Glassblower

Type of building: business/residence

Business conducted in the building: glassblowing, glazing

Owner: Sephias Chert

Number and Types of employees: 3
Sephias and two apprentices:

Description of building:

The Crystal Ball is a two-story stone structure. The dimensions are 25 feet by 40 feet. The ground floor has two wooden doors, the main and rear entrances. There are two front windows and three on either side. The windows are covered by wooden shutters when business is closed. The ground floor contains storerooms and workshops. A small office and stairway are near the back of the shop. The shop has many shelves holding finished wares. The upper floor contains Sephias' quarters, a pantry, kitchen, study and bedroom.

Description of business:

This shop is devoted to the sale of glass objects. Some of the available items are: crystal balls(non-magical), vials, ampules, vases, glass, goblets, decanters, bowls, and objets d'art. Panes of glass can be purchased, as well as stained glass. The objets d'art and stained glass items must be commissioned. (The shop's prices conform to Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog. If this reference is not available, please contact for the listing.)


Name: Sephias Chert (hm M3 LG glassblower)

Stats: S:10 D:11 C:10 I:15 W:11 CH:14
Hp: 8
AC: 9
WP: dagger
NWP of note: pottery, glass blowing, etiquette
Magic Items: dagger+1, ring of +1 protection, spellbook
Special Abilities: spells, see below


Sephias was born the second son of a merchant family in Irieabor. When he was young, it was determined that he had skill in the Art. His family searched for a tutor and apprenticed Sephias to Wendael Sunspinner. Wendael was an expert sage in metaphysics and the physical world. During his time as an apprentice, Sephias learned to blow glass. His master, Wendael, was something of a tightwad and believed it was cheaper and well worth the effort to make the glassware for his laboratory. The apprenticeship lasted 11 years and after learning the rudiments of magic, Sephias went adventuring.

Sephias quickly discovered that he was no adventurer. He detested being uncomfortable, injured, chased, and afraid. Of course, adventuring consists of all four. He garnered a small number of magical items, developed some spells and gained more experience in the Art during his misadventures. After retiring, he converted his booty to obtain a tidy sum. From this, he purchased a glassblower's shop.

Sephias is in his late thirties, short, has a goatee and is balding. He wears a pair of spectacles he made himself. Sephias loves to talk and speaks to anyone that will listen, and even to those who won't. He is well-versed in esoteric knowledge and likes to discuss them with his customers. (His favorite topics are the physical universe and metaphysics. Even mages rarely understand his rambling and nod when appropriate.) Despite this, he is well liked and has many friends.

Sephias manages to craft a number of items despite his constant babble. He also uses his magical talents in his work and his most frequent customers are mages and priests. His assistants also help keep him on the straight path. Sephias is moderately wealthy and lives above his shop. He has never been robbed. The rumors whispered among thieves, makes even the most hardened burglars think twice about attempting to pilfer his shop.

Sephias has one strange secret. On an adventure in the High Moor, he entered a ruined manor. While exploring, he accidentally released a harrla of friendship. It has attached itself to him and influences the people around Sephias. He's aware that something odd is happening. He thinks a well-established customer is keeping an eye on him, or perhaps his old master. (This harrla is a variant creature [see below]. When anyone thinks ill of Sephias, it "attacks". Its attack is a charming ability (save v. spell) and if successful, the person believes Sephias is a friend.)

Sephias' assistants:

Jaodaff (hm CG)

A tall, heavyset young man. He is bespectacled and rarely clean shaven. His brown hair is shoulder length and unkempt. He is quiet and fond of brews and often accompanies Sephias on his rounds. He has amazing skill at glazing and staining glass. On his days off, he enjoys fishing from the banks of the Chionthar.

Cinella (hf LG)

A short, dark-haired woman of about twenty years. She is lively and animated, enjoying good gossip. Unlike her boss, she can work as well as talk. She performs most of the glass blowing and makes very good pieces. It is an amusing sight to watch her attempt to carry on a conversation and make a decanter, simultaneously.

Harrla: (variant creature)

Harrla of Friendship (variant of Harrla of hate/passion/fear)
Climate/terrain: any urban area
Frequency: very rare
Organization: solitary
Activity cycle: night
Diet: life energy
Intelligence: very(11-12)
Treasure: nil
Alignment: chaotic neutral
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 0
Movement: FL 15 (A)
Hit Dice: 2 THAC0: 15
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/attack: 0
Special Attacks: Emotion Control
Magic Resistance: nil
Size: M 6'
Morale: fearless (20)
XP value: 3000

These creatures are normally and naturally invisible. Those able to see such can see a man-shaped creature. Its edges fluctuate and shimmer. The Harrla seems unable to communicate with others. It attaches to a "host", but does not do anything to this host other than stay near constantly.

Combat: It doesn't truly enter physical combat. It can't inflict physical damage and can't be harmed by most weapons and spells. Its "attack" infuses the victim with the overwhelming emotion of friendship towards this harrla type's "host" creature. This feeling is equivalent to a Charm Person spell in all ways, except it is not a spell. This feeling is permanent unless Heal, Restoration, Wish, Limited Wish, or Remove Curse are cast on the victim. Also, a host attack on the victim will break it, but the harrla will use its abilities on the host to prevent this from occurring. It attaches to a host that tries to please and befriend many people, but can be aggravating or infuriating despite their intentions. When someone begins to have unpleasant thoughts toward the host, the harrla attacks.

Unlike other harrla, this attack is subtle and the harrla does not induce a loss of control, but the Charm lasts much longer that the other harrlas' emotional domination. The attack is avoided by a save vs. spells. The effect of the emotional control is: the victim loses 1 pt of wisdom, permanently after a successful attack as well as the emotional change. Magical weapons may strike it, but do only half their damage, as well as trying to hit at -2 for the invisible harrla. It is immune to spells that inflict damage based on heat, cold, electricity or biological functions. It is also immune to sleep. Emotion controlling spells work, but the harrla gains a +2 to its save. It can pass through solid objects, but cannot pass through magical barriers such as Protection from Evil. It has a special weakness which depends on theindividual. Besides this, Dispel Evil and Dismissal will drive it away for 10-100 days or it can be utterly destroyed with a Banishment spell. It is also vulnerable to spells like Trap the Soul. An emotion controlling spell cast upon in stuns it for 1-4 rounds.

On average, the harrla feeds once a week. It digests the energies engendered by its emotional control. (The game effect is a permanent loss of one point of wisdom.) The Harrla of Friendshiip detects ill-will towards its host and it feeds off the source of the ill-will. Further habitat/society and ecology details are in MC11 or can be provided by contacting .

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