Name of building: Scoundrel's Golden Wines

Submitted by: Koby Nahamias

Type of building: 1 story stone shop

Business conducted: Sale of fine wines

Owner: Reselik

Description of building and business:

The small sign over the door is really a small sign over the door. This plain, ordinary store sells ordinary wine. Just don't say that to the shopkeeper, a gnome named Reselik (Re-zel-ik), or you will receive a three hour lecture about wines of the realms. At least, you'll get this shorter version if you are nice.

The store is 10' wide and 40' long. Most of the space is taken by shelf upon shelf of bottles, kegs and leather flasks. A counter lines the right side of the store. Reselik is found there only when a customer is ready to pay. The gnome likes to stroll the store with his customers, explaining about this and that.

Reselik's reaction to PC customers:
01-10 "If you stay here for another minute I'll shoot you."
11-30 "Just go away, will you."
31-80 "Hello, how may I help you ?"
80-00 "Adventurers? Whawoo! How may I be of service?"

Reselik likes elves and humans (+10 reaction), but dislikes dwarves, whom he thinks of as drunkards who don't understand anything about wine (-10 reaction, -20 if they ask for fire wine). One unexplained trait is his distaste for halflings, whom he refers to as kenders (-30 reaction).

Wine for sale, by class:

Reselik has a variety of Premier Cru wines carefully chosen from the finest vineyards in Cormyr and the Western Realms.

Carmine Sauvignon (Arabel): superior, structured, wood aged, with good red color, full mouth and lasting, balanced after-taste. The wine has been aged between 9 and 12 months in new Cormyrian oak barrels in Arabel's finest underground cellars prior to bottling. (15gp bottle, 1d20 in stock)
Suzailian (Suzail): a fine, smooth red wine with a lovely deep color, a velvety texture and a memorable, fruity aroma. The aging in Cormyrian oak barrels enhances the structure and lends a delicate bouquet to the Suzailian. It's the finest man made wine in all of Toril. (35gp bottle, 75gp hand keg, 1d12 of each in stock)
White Sauvignon (Arabel): a light, dry, straw-colored white wine with a good nose hinting of wild grasses; crisp and finely fruity. (10gp bottle, 10-20 in stock)
Emerald Prevalent (Shadow Gap): a refreshing, semi-dry white wine, with a light fruit flavor and delicate Muscat nose. (9gp bottle, 5gp flask, 10-30 of each in stock)
Chardonnay (Cormyr): a very dry, lightly oaked, full-bodied Chardonnay with good fruit characteristics and yellow-green tints in the glass. Part of the wine has been fermented in new Cormyr oak barrels for four months, the remainder in steel tanks. Thus, we achieve the perfect balance between oak and fruit.
Dusk Desert Wine (Berdusk): a full bodied, richly balanced, fine sweet wine with typical duskier nose; a bit peppery; deep golden amber hues. The wine has been matured for a period of 18 to 24 months in oak vats, which contributes to the wine's ambrosial taste. (7gp bottle, 3gp flask, 12-24 of each in stock)

Reselik also carries all the wines available from Aurora's whole realms catalogue, purchased directly from the same vineyards. Typical cost: -1d4gp from the catalogue; 4-24 of each wine in stock.

Reselik also carries a range of mainly single-variety, good value table wines, each carefully made to meet the needs of the savvy consumer.

Shiraz (Western Realms, Cormyr): A deep red, dry wine, matured in fine oak barrels. It has a taste of ripe and spicy berry fruit and a hint of fresh peppercorn. (5-6gp bottles, 2gp flask, 5-30 of each in stock)
White Sauvignon (Sembia, Western Realms): a young, vigorous dry white wine; light colored, fruity, herbaceous and crisp. (4-5gp bottle, 2gp flask, 5-30 of each in stock)
Chenin (Sembia): a semi-dry white wine with a light and lively appearance, summery orchard aroma and fruity flavor. (3-4gp bottle, 1.5gp flask, 5-30 of each in stock)
Emerald Prevalent (Featherdale, Shadowgap and Sembia): a semi-dry white wine with light golden hues, full aroma, and taste abundant with fresh fruit. (2-3gp bottle, 1gp flask, 5-30 of each in stock)
White Zinfandel (Cormyr, Dales): a light, semi-dry, refreshing blush wine with delicate color and tasting of the promise of spring. (2-3gp bottle, 1gp flask, 5-30 of each in stock)
Petite Sirah (Aglarond, Northern Marsember): ruby colored, light, well balanced, dry red wine with good fruit nose. (4-6gp bottle, 9gp keg, 4-16 of each in stock)
Semillon (Old Empires, Sembia): a light, semi-dry white wine with a pleasing nose and rounded, delicate flavors. (2-4gp bottle, 1gp flask, 5-20 of each in stock)
Colombard (Old Empires, Sembia): a semi-dry, light white wine with delicate bouquet and fruity palate. (2-4gp bottle, 1gp flask, 5-20 of each in stock)

Finally, Reselik carries some ordinary table wines from the vast wineries in Sembia.

Dry Red: a fruity, medium bodied, dry red wine. (10sp flask)
Dry White: a young, fruity, medium bodied white wine. (10sp flask)

Reselik sells Evermead, although he will never accept the fact that mead can be better than wine. Reselik's most prized possession is an original crystal bottle of Elverquisst, THE elven wine. It glows when exposed to moonlight. He will NEVER sell it.

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