Name of building: Arylon Schoolhouse

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

Type of building: Two story wooden structure

Business conducted in the building: Schooling of children

Owner: Kethryllia Hawksong

Number and Types of employees:

  • 1 schoolteacher - Mikkal Loremeister (3rd level Wise One of Oghma, HM, LN, profession: school teacher)
  • 2-4 assistants (0 level humans age 18-20 who graduated and have stayed to assist Mikkal in exchange for more education)

Description of building:

The Arylon Schoolhouse is a small two story wooden building located near the Arylon Orphanage. The upper floor has been converted into living quarters for the resident school teacher and the lower floor is a large schoolroom complete with desks and chairs for the students.

Description of business:

The Arylon schoolhouse is an educational center for children. Schooling is free and no child has ever been denied access. The school's initial funding was provided for by Kethry. She is a former adventurer and sold a number of magical items to purchase the building and furnishings. Kethryllia is continuously reinvesting her wealth into her various ventures but she gladly accepts donations from parents and others willing to fund the school. The School has room for fifty children at any one time. Class size fluctuates on a regular basis. If classes are full, Kethry tries to arrange an additional class time for the overflow.

The school holds basic classes between 9am-1pm for children ages 5-10. This allows children of poorer families access to training while still allowing for them to help with their familial duties. Advanced lessons are taught in the afternoon for children aged 11-18.

Morning classes:

  • Basic alphabet
  • Basic math
  • Basic reading and writing (common)
  • Local history (Arylon)
  • General religion (All religions/gods are covered in brief although Mikkal always mentions Oghma's religion more prominently.)
  • Physical education (The children are taught a new physical activity outdoors between 12 and 1.)

Mikkal teaches advanced classes from 2pm and throughout the evening. (Normally only the older children from the orphanage attend, but all are welcome)

Advanced classes:

  • Advanced reading/writing
  • Advanced mathematics
  • History of Faerun
  • Etiquette
  • Political structures of Faerun
  • Herbalism
  • Musical instrument (lute)

One afternoon a month, Mikkal arranges a field trip with a local business owner. These outings, which can be almost anywhere in the city, are used to display different areas in which the advanced students can receive training. During these outings, Mikkal closely observes the students' interest in the place of business. If a student displays a great deal of interest, hespeaks to Kethry about arranging an apprenticeship for that student. Kethry attempts to arrange apprenticeships for the children. Failing this, she attempts to find or create jobs for the graduates.

Kethry comes to the school and observes the children from time to time. She offers advanced training to a few students. These students receive thiefly training and attend classes with her in the afternoon or evening at the orphanage.

All children can eat meals at the nearby orphanage. Meals are served at the orphanage between 7-9, 12-2 and 5-7.

Major NPC:

Mikkal Loremeister (3rd level Wise One of Oghma, HM, LN, profession: school teacher)

Mikkal was trained in history and languages at the Halls of Inspiration in Silverymoon. When Kethry sent a message to Silverymoon seeking a teacher, Mikkal saw an opportunity he could not pass up. Mikkal did not wish to stay in tha Halls of Inspiration forever. He dreams of setting up his own church to Oghma. Mikkal was even more interested in the Arylon position when he heard payment was food, lodgings and a rare book or two. So, he traveled to Arylon and upon his arrival, Kethryllia hired him as schoolmaster.

Mikkal has teaching experience. While in the Halls of Inspiration, he taught some of the younger apprentices. He loves working with children. Though he is not much older than some of the eldest children (he is 25), the wisdom he imparts improves many young lives.

Kethry arranges to have books and scrolls copied from various libraries (such as Candlekeep, Silverymoon, etc.) when funds are available. In addition, she also purchases ancient books and tomes from adventurers. More than one evening, she and Mikkal have pored over a recently unearthed book from an ancient tomb.

Mikkal has begun construction on a shrine to Oghma in the basement of the school. He hasn't revealed this to Kethry and only a few of his most trusted assistants are aware of its existence. Mikkal hires out as a scribe for additional funding for himself and his burgeoning shrine.

Mikkal is a shy young man except with children. Around women, he is tongue-tied and many of his students speculate about his virginity or the possibility of an affair between him and Kethry. Mikkal's relationship with Kethry is close. Kethry treats him as a younger brother. In truth, Mikkal is in love with her and desires a closer relationship. Mikkal often arranges for gifts to be delivered to Kethry from "a secret admirer". So far, he has kept his identity a secret.

Mikkal is currently working on a book of love songs. He gains inspiration from Kethry. When his book is complete, he intends to present it to Kethry and ask her to marry him. (Her husband is presumed dead.) Mikkal's favorite pasttime is composing these songs on his lute and he is always working to improve them.

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