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Name: Sally (Half-Elf, Female, 60 yrs, 4'10", 90 lbs., 4th Level bard, NG)

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 8; Dex 13; Con 7; Cha 15; Int 16; Wis 14
Wealth: 1500gp
XP: 3000
Weapon Proficiencies: Short bow, dagger
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Singing, Musical Instrument: Lute, Reading/writing (common), local history, Cooking, Business Management, Dancing, Etiquette, Seamstress, and Weaving
HP: 16
Racial Abilities: 60' Infravision, 30% resistance to sleep and charm spells.
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Elvish
Equipment: Clothing, and General Supplies.


Sally is an almost middle-aged half-elf, with fiery-red hair and green eyes. Even with her advancing age, she is still quite attractive.


Sally is Evanyl's long time lover/companion. She has stayed with him through all the difficulties he has faced. She is hopelessly in love with him. Though they have never had a formal ceremony, they are faithful to each other.

She tends to run the Pick Axe Inn and Tavern most of the time while her significant other is out on 'business'. Having been the long time companion of Evanyl, she was present when he first met the Law Wielders. Like many Half-Elves, she grew up knowing that she was different. Elven society didn't embrace her, and Humans weren't very fond of her either. Sally grew up to taunts of 'half-breed' from the humans where she lived and was unable to gain a position as a musician even though she had been trained as a bard. So, she was very glad when a gambler came into town and took a fancy to her. When he left, she followed him. Since then, almost 40 years have passed. She doesn't begrudge her companion's business, she just wishes he would spend more time minding the Inn, and less gambling. Evanyl and Sally adopted Dwim as their son. He has taken over the cooking chores of the Inn, freeing up more of Sally's time. Little does Dwim know, but he is the sole inheritor of Sally and Evanyl's possessions upon their death. It is likely that when he finishes his apprenticeship Sally and Evanyl will let Dwim take over the Inn. Dwim came to them courtesy of the Law Wielders, who had made it their habit to find homes for all Dwarven orphans in Arylon.

Sally enjoys owning/working in the Pick Axe in the Dwarven Quarter, even though she is not Dwarven. She and Evanyl have worked hard to become part of the community to which they now belong. The community gives them the acceptance that would normally have been denied to them in Elven and Human societies.

She can often be found performing in the Pick Axe, much as she used to do to earn money when she and Evanyl traveled the road together. Sally's songs tend to be rowdy and rambunctious, as would suit a group of drinking dwarves.

For the most part Sally is quiet and reserved, she can run the Pick Axe without the help of Evanyl, and usually does.

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