Name of building: Runedar

Submitted by: RJ Gouger

Type of building: Single story stone structure

Business conducted: Brewpub

Owners: Blackhammer brothers (Fyrlyn, Delgin, and Grysygonth)

Number and Types of Employees:
3 barmaids (0 level humans)

Description of building:

Runedar is a squat single story stone structure. The first floor consists of the dimly lit tap room in the front and a small brewery in the rear. The taproom has a hardwood floor and stone walls. The furnishings are cheap, heavy wood and crude (all the easier to replace) and can seat approximately 30 people. The decor in the taproom is sparse, consisting of several plaques with symbols of Northern Clans on them. On one wall is a place of honor dedicated to clans that don't exist anymore. The bar has been crafted for dwarves with a raised platform allowing the dwarf to be at eye level with the customers. A sign over the bar reads in several languages, "If you're drinking to forget, pay in advance." Along the back wall is a well lit area for dagger/hand axe throwing contests, where only the pub's weapons can be used. Every third night, the brothers sponsor a contest with the winner walking away with a small keg of his or her choice. The brewpub's favorite is Tsarvym, a half-elven ranger who, when buying supplies in Arylon, frequents the Runedar.

A stout wooden door leads to the brewery. Inside the brewery is a large trap door that leads down to the basement. The first room of the basement is a cool storage area for aging the ale prior to serving in the taproom. Marked kegs are kept neatly in rows. A door leads from the cooling room into a finely furnished living area consisting of a parlor with hearth, three bedrooms for the brothers, and a guest room for visiting dwarves.

Description of Business:

Runedar (dwarven word for home, familiar place, haven) is a rough and tumble brewpub owned and run by the Blackhammer brothers. All are welcome and warmly greeted. For the uninformed, Delgin is quick to point out that a tavern just pushes cheap ales brewed elsewhere while a brewpub serves only the finest -- their own "holy water". The brothers make and serve the following brews:

Diamond Stout
- 4cp per tankard - A black, bitter stout with a hint of sweetness and a creamy head
Moonsea Strong Ale
- 3cp per tankard - Also known as "Lunatic Broth", it's a dark ale with a slightly sweet but dry palate.
Blackhammer Bitter
- 3cp per tankard - A distinctive copper colored, full-bodied ale.
Sledgehammer Ale
- 3cp per tankard - Moderately bitter with a long smooth finish. If you're looking for something light, don't pick this one! This ale is brewed for the hops head.
Darksteel Spiced Ale
- 5cp per tankard - Darksteel Spiced Ale is flavored by adding whole spices (a combination of ginger, all spice, cloves and cinnamon) to the kettle.
Barak Porter
- 3cp per tankard - A blended drink of pale ale and stout, porter is a dark, malty, strong ale.

The brothers also brew special ales for the different holidays. Each is made differently and served only that night. By popular request, they will add these ales to their regular menu.

Located near the bank of the Chionthar in the Dock Ward, Runedar caters to those who ply the river. It's also a favorite stopping point for any traveling dwarves, who drink for half price. Catering to such a diverse and rowdy crowd, the Runedar has been known to have it's bad nights. It's not unusual for a couple of fights to break out over a tenday period. Most release stress, with no more than aches and bruises the following day. As long as no weapons are drawn and the participants are not damaging the brewpub, the brothers will let things take their course. Once a weapon is drawn or damage occurs, the brothers are quick to step in. This more than likely will result in further damage to the bar and to the patrons that instigated the fight. (If PCs are involved, DMs should feel free to boost the levels of the brothers to challenge the PCs.) Two crossbows are kept behind the bar, both loaded with stun bolts (see FR11 Dwarves Deep -- 2d4 damage and victim is unable to think or act coherently for one round, no save). Delgin will fire the crossbows while Fyrlyn will step in and subdue the individual. Grysygonth keeps plenty of healing spells on hand to take care of any serious injuries.

Name: Blackhammer Brothers
(Fyrlyn - dm, 5th level fighter, CG, part owner)
(Delgin - dm, 4th level fighter, CG, part owner)
(Grysygonth - dm, Priest of Marthammor Duin 7th, CG, part owner)

The Blackhammer brothers are former adventurers of a dwarven "brotherhood", The Company of Dorn's Revenge. After successfully adventuring in the North and along the Sword Coast, they decided to settle down in Arylon and provide refuge and aid to traveling dwarves. It's not uncommon for the brothers to provide information and small loans to passing dwarves in need. Repayment of loans are never mentioned.

Grysygonth is the oldest brother. Being a "High Old One" of Marthammor Duin, he was instrumental in the brothers' decision to set up shop in Arylon, so that dwarves would have a home away from home if needed. Grysygonth is the shortest of the three and typically wears grey robes. He keeps his grey hair and beard neatly groomed at all times. On holy days, he adds a maroon overtunic emblazoned with a watchful eye, the symbol for Marthammor, on front and back.

Delgin is the youngest; more carefree than the other brothers (or at least as carefree as a dwarf can get), he enjoys storytelling and always has time for an excellent listener. Normally dressed in leather armor, Delgin is stout and still has a brownish tint to his beard and hair.

Fyrlyn, the second son, is the enforcer of the three. While all three enjoy a good brawl, Fyrlyn steps in if things become too dangerous for the brothers or the patrons. Fyrlyn is the largest and strongest of the three. His braided hair and beard have turned grey with age. Normally wearing a leather tunic (sleeveless) and breeches, he sports a tattoo on each arm. On his left arm is the holy symbol of Sharindlar, Lady of Life. On his weapon arm is the holy symbol of Clanggedin Silverbeard, The Father of Battle. During his adventuring days, Fyrlyn almost took the life of an innocent. These tattoos are to remind him to have mercy in battle.

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