Name: Rugh mac Tirnol

Submitted by: Mark Oliva

Race: Shield Dwarf, 325 yrs, 4' 1", 180 lbs.
Sex: Male
Level: 2
Class: Fighter
Alignment: LG
Strength: 15
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 11
Profession: Smith
Wealth: (Shared with brother Davin) estimated at nearly 30,000 gps
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common
Reading and writing: Dethek, common


Rugh is a stocky, dwarf with long brown hair and beard. In contrast to his older brother Davin, Rugh is open, friendly and relatively popular with those in Arylon who know him. Although Davin is the "boss" at the Tuir's Anvil Hammer- smith, Rugh is responsible for contacts with customers, nego- tiations, setting prices, etc. He takes customers to Davin only when details must be worked out for a contract that re- quires Davin's master craftsmanship. Rugh is a smith who specializes in making and repairing iron tools, farm implements, metal construction materials and the like. He is not a weapon- smith, although he is a master smith. Rugh enjoys his work but is not obsessed with it, as Davin is. He, too, is a worshipper of Moradin. Almost all of the work done at Tuir's Anvil is supervised by Rugh, although Davin's rare masterpieces can produce nearly as much income as the rest of the hammersmith together. Rugh understands little about the fine art of weapon- smithing and recommends Moradin's Forge to new customers seeking a weaponsmith. However, when customers are seeking a master's weapons and have the wherewithal to pay for it, he will arrange a discussion with his brother Davin.


Rugh was born in the Year of the Singing Shards (1044 DR) in the City of Earthfast, the dwarven stronghold within the Earthfast Mountains of western Impiltur. He and his brother Davin left the Earthfasts in the Year of the Sword and Stars (1332 DR) and began migrating westward over Sembia, Cormyr and Sunset Vale, working as traveling smiths, until they reached Arylon and bought property downstream from the sawmill to begin building their ham- mersmith in the Year of the Moonfall (1344 DR). Neither Rugh nor Davin have ever explained why they left Earthfast City, outside of a few comments Rugh has made about differences of opinion among the sons of Tirnol.

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