Name of building: Roe's Antiques

Submitted by: Justin Chupp

Type of building: Warehouse

Business conducted: sales, accounting, engineering.

Owner: Jenen Roe

Number and type of employees:
1 accountant, Delairn Stonebeard
1 clerk, Jharod Flaneson

Description of Building:

Roe's antiques is a large shop in the Dock Ward, near the more affluent Inner Ward. The two-story shop is rectangular, about 30 ft. x 65 ft., with the longest dimension perpendicular to the street.

The small, divided western side faces the street, with the right half a storefront and the left a large, locked double door. This door is the only street access to Roe's workshop, which takes nearly half of the lower floor. The upper story is bisected lengthwise by a long hall. Above the store is Roe's apartment, and above the workshop is his storeroom. The stairs up are at the back of the store.

A door from the northern alley, further back than the warehouse reaches, opens into Delairn's accounting shop, which can also be accessed throuh Roe's workshop and a door at the back of the antique shop. Jharod, the clerk, spies on Roe through the Gnome's office when he's gone (or drunk), as well as through a hole drilled in the ceiling of the store, in a back corner.

The walls of the shop itself are covered in bookshelves and about 7 1/2 feet high, giving the shop a small and cozy impression. Magical lights (payment for several exceedingly rare books) line the walls, and can be brightened or dimmed on Jenen Roe's command. The light is a cozy glow without the flickering or shadows of torchlight. The interior is filled with knickknacks and rare bits of history, as well as old but fashionable furniture and clothing.

Roe keeps the more valuable and rare items of his collection in the storehouse and his workshop. Roe guards the truly valuable portions of his collection, but will arrange for personal tours through his storehouse to find items of interest to his customers.

Business conducted:

Roe sells and trades rare antiquities and books, as well as offering his services for engineering design. Delairn offers accounting services.


Jenen Roe (h-e m, 0 lvl, CG, librarian)

Jenen owns Roe's Antiques, an antique and book store. Jenen is a jovial man of moderate height. Although pudgy, he is still in excellent shape. He is well respected and often consulted on matters both magical and mundane. He is well known as an engineer (he served military engineer with the Purple Dragons for one year) and is rumored to have been apprenticed by a magician in his youth. He refuses to verify the truth of the matter, though he almost certainly is without magical skills today. He travels several times a year to gather new stock and interesting items from various places, and adventurers are welcome to escort him and his valuables. He sometimes carries large amounts of cash to be changed into merchandise, necessitating a troupe of guards.

Roe is active in political circles, often having dinners with influential members of Arylon's government, offering council and an outlet for their troubles. He aspires to become a council member of Arylon, but lacks the drive and political savvy required for the job. His wife, Brenda, often nagged him about it. She died recently in an apparent mugging. Jenen is devastated, and his friends are worried about him.

Jenen has one married daughter, Roslyn, but their relationship is strained. Jenen dislikes her husband, Sark, because he feels Sark is a gold-digger after the family money. Jenen is half right. Sark is after the money, but also loves Roslyn, and is seeking to use the Roe family fortune to build a nest egg for his family. Sark invests heavily with family money, but after a few initial losses he has begun to see a steady profit. Jenen has no idea that Sark's investments have proven profitable, and still sees only a mooch.

Jenen bitterly regrets the harsh words he and Roslyn have exchanged now that she is his only family. He has been trying, with moderate success, to get involved in his daughter's life again.

Delairn Stonebeard (gm, 4th lvl Bard, "Gnome Professor" from Complete Bard's Handbook, LN, accountant)

Originally hired to assist in design, Delairn has begun an accounting practice which now occupies most of his time, forcing Roe to hire new help. Delairn is a retired gnome professor, whose first mission was as a locksmith for a party of dwarves attempting to explore a forgotten crypt. The crypt was a passage to Ravenloft. He fought his way through 3 realms before successfully escaping, 200 years older due to a ghost. At one point Delairn was 11th level, but now is only fourth level due to level-draining undead. He retired when he arrived back in the realms, too old to continue adventuring and afraid that he wouldn't live through the aging that a full restoration would cause.

Although physically old, Delairn is still young in attitude and possesses a vibrant personality. He has experienced truly horrible and unspeakable terrors, is terrified of undead, and deeply hates all necromancers, but if his aging were reversed he might adventure again.

Delairn has few friends; his closest is Roe. Unfortunately, Roe has little time for the gnome, and so Delairn is often left alone. If approached in a friendly manner, he will be very amiable, and help most people in whatever way he can. He is a bit stuffy, though less so than your average professor, and overly concerned with what other people think of him. He drinks heavily, and is sometimes asleep (drunk) in his office when Jharod is spying on Roe.

Jharod Flaneson (hm, 1st lvl Thief, CN, shop clerk )

Hired a few months ago, Jharod is a member of the Zhentarim and is responsible for the murder of Roe's wife in an apparent mugging. Jharod is spying on Roe both for details of current politics and for information on the purchases of the rich. He passes this information to the Zhentarim, who arrange thefts of valuable pieces. Brenda happened upon Jharod during one of these episodes, and he killed her.

Jharod willingly works for the Zhents in order to get a better life. He is not evil and would not wantonly hurt others, but he is selfish and would certainly hurt others if they got in the way. When not murdering his boss's wife, Jharod is a non-threatening guy; quiet, introspective, never rasing his voice and never letting his emotions show. He deals very well with people, which is why Roe hired him. Jharod has a natural flair for manipulating people, resulting in his current position as the favored agent of a regional Zhentarim leader.

DM's notes:

PCs could get involved due to 1) need of Jenen's knowledge, 2) need of an item in his possession, or 3) discovery of Zhent presence in the area and the link to Brenda Roe's murder.

Jharod will inform the Zhents if the PCs get involved, and will attempt to kill them if he believes he has to.

Delairn doesn't suspect Jharod, but if he were suspicious he might be persuaded to do some spying of his own, like waiting out Jharod to catch him in the act. His spellbook contains an invisibility spell.

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