Name: The Roaringhorn Family

Submitted by: Jenn Millington


Conrad Roaringhorn moved his family to Arylon from Waterdeep to setup a horse farm. Miranda, his wife, was very upset over the move. She comforted herself by ordering a huge mansion, the Roaringhorn Estate, built in the wealthiest section of town. Conrad also owns a horse farm on the south bank of the River Chionthar, which Miranda refers to as a summer cottage. Conrad and Miranda have three children together, two daughters and a son, plus Conrad's son and daughter from his previous marriage.

Family Members:
Conrad Roaringhorn
Miranda Roaringhorn
Conall Roaringhorn
Shella Roaringhorn
Elric Roaringhorn
Alyssa Roaringhorn
Emily Roaringhorn

Conrad Roaringhorn (h, m, 5th level fighter, LG)


Conrad is the husband of Miranda Roaringhorn and nephew of Holver Roaringhorn of Waterdeep. Each summer Conrad runs a private horse fair on his grounds. The horse fair brings a fair amount of traffic to the city each year. Conrad's horses are in excellent condition and have exceptional temperament. They are well known up and down the Sword Coast. Conrad loves horses and can invariably be found on the farm working with them.

Conrad is an active, handsome man in his late thirties. At the tender age of eighteen, he started an adventuring career which lasted for 5 years. Conrad enjoyed his adventuring life immensely. He met Shella, a mage in his adventuring party, to whom he was attracted. Conrad courted her and eventually succeeded in bedding her. The result of that bedding was Conall. Conrad was horrified when he discovered Shella was pregnant. His nature wouldn't allow him to abandon her and he insisted upon an immediate marriage. The two were quickly married and returned home to his parents in Waterdeep.

Conrad's success came from working in the family business of horse raising. His uncles claimed he had a natural instinct for working with the animals. For the next four years, Conrad was relatively happy until the Time of Troubles. During the Time of the Troubles, Shella gave birth to a daughter and bled to death. Unfortunately, the priest they summoned was unable to help save Shella's life. Conrad grew to hate the gods and now refuses to darken the doors of the temples. Conrad named his daughter Shella in memory of his wife. Shella is his favorite child and he will give her whatever she desires.

Shortly after Shella's death, Conrad's parents urged him to find a suitable mother for his children. Due to his despondent state, Conrad allowed his mother to select his bride. She chose Miranda Wavesilver, daughter of a prominent Waterdhavian noble. Miranda was perfect in his mother's eyes and she seemed the perfect housekeeper. She was young (at sixteen years old) and a virgin (or so was believed). Nearly nine months after their marriage Miranda gave birth to a healthy son whom they named Elric. It has been rumored that Miranda had a lover who was the father of the child. Conrad stoically ignores these allegations however. Shortly following Elric's birth, he uprooted his family and moved to Arylon.

Since living in Arylon, Miranda has given birth to two daughters, Alyssa and Emily. Conrad grew apart from his wife after Emily's birth. Rumor has it that Emily is the daughter of Conrad's butler and this is the reason for their estrangement. Conrad normally stays at the Ranch while Miranda remains in the City with the children. Conrad pays more attention to Conall and Shella than to his children by Miranda. In fact Shella normally stays at the Ranch with Conrad and Miranda has started a vicious rumor that Conrad is molesting his daughter.

Conrad doesn't like to get involved in politics and is tired of his wife. He is known to frequent several brothels in the city in order to gain the female companionship he needs. Several people wonder why Conrad remains with Miranda. His only response is that he married her.

Miranda Roaringhorn (h, f, O level noble, NE)


Miranda is the wife of Conrad Roaringhorn, nephew of Holver Roaringhorn of Waterdeep. Miranda believes herself to be above everyone in Arylon. Miranda has become the social peacock of Arylon. Miranda makes sure she knows of all the social events happening in Arylon, and when she deigns to attend, she makes sure the host is aware of the 'favour' she is bestowing on them. Miranda loves her vaunted position as the unofficial head of the Nobility. She has hired several spies to find out secrets about the other nobles that she will use to blackmail them if they become a threat to her position of power. Miranda is ruthless and will use any means to get revenge upon someone who has harmed her or her family. Miranda has been trying unsuccessfully to attain a position upon the City Council. When Samael and Drend both stepped down Miranda attempted to get herself elected but was blocked by Kethryllia Hawksong who discovered that Miranda had been blackmailing people into voting for her. Kethry reported her findings to the Council and Miranda was removed as a candidate. Miranda hates Kethry and is currently working on a plot to gain revenge upon her and the Council.

All her children have inherited her temperament. Conrad and Miranda married when his eldest child was four years old. Miranda is solely responsible for the raising and education of all the children.

Conall Roaringhorn (h, m, 1st level fighter, NG)


Conall Roaringhorn is a strong 16-year-old young man who is the image of his father, Conrad. He idolizes his father and attempts to follow his example. Currently Conall is trying to find a group of adventurers to travel with out of the city. Conall has a particular soft spot for his younger sister, Shella. He doesn't associate with his other siblings but doesn't dislike them. To Conall, they are too young for him and tends to be a little jealous of how much attention his father spends on Shella. His current obsession with becoming an adventurer is to prove himself to his father.

Shella Roaringhorn (h, f, 0 level noble, NG)


After the death of her natural mother, Shella was raised by her step-mother, Miranda. When her half-sister, Emily, was born three years ago, her father took her and moved her to his ranch on the south side of the river. Shella blames herself for the death of her mother.

Shella is close to her elder brother, Conall, but detests the rest of her siblings. She loves horses and assists her father in rearing and training them.

Elric Roaringhorn (h, m, 0 level noble, N)


Elric is a scrawny ten-year-old who looks nothing like his father, Conrad. Throughout his childhood, he has been sickly and weaker than his siblings. He is a sly, devious child who delights in causing trouble and laying the blame on one of his three sisters. Elric is Miranda's favorite child and she treats him better than any of her other children. She is trying to convince Conrad to name Elric his heir rather than Conall.

Alyssa Roaringhorn (h, f, 0 level noble, N)


Alyssa is a spoilt, seven-year girl. Lacking for nothing in her life, she expects things to be produced upon demand. She detests her older half-sister and half-brother because of her mother. Alyssa delights in destroying her half-siblings' belongings. Alyssa has never been spanked or told no in her short life.

Emily Roaringhorn (h, f, 0 level noble, N)


Emily is a very happy three-year-old child who has yet not had much time to develop her personality. The latest offspring of Conrad and Miranda Roaringhorn she has a special relationship with the Butler of the House. He treats her almost as if she is his daughter, which has created some speculation among the serving staff.

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