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Name of Building: The River Wench

Submission by: Tim Haney

Type of Building: Large two-story, wood building.

Business Conducted: Tavern and Inn

Owner: Arden Toborson (hf, N, 3rd level Thief)

Number and Type of Employees:
One chef:
Sinamus the Great (hm, CG, 0-level, chef)
Two barkeeps:
Brin Mansfield (hm, LN, 2nd level fighter)
Kalim Al-Thul (hm, LN, 0-level)
Six "waitresses":
Min (hf, 0-level)
Celeste (hf, 0 level)
Lystana (hef, 0 level)
Malisha (hf, 0 level)
Syn (hf, 0 level)
Penappola (hf, 0 level)

Description of Building:

Located in the Dock Ward of Arylon, The River Wench is a large two-story building painted a bright blue. The lower floor consists of a common room, a private tap room and a spacious kitchen. The common room of the tavern is much as any other, though river trade memorabilia is prevalent. The private tap room is as different as one can get in the Dock Ward. Here, the fineries of high-class living are everywhere. Patrons are pampered here. The kitchen boasts one of Elturel's best chefs, hired away by Arden. New cooking techniques and cuisines find their way here within months of being introduced in cities along the Chionthar. A spacious room off the kitchen is the chef's quarters. The second floor consists of ten rooms. Arden's is the largest, of course, and the others are similar in shape, but smaller. Each room is decorated to the individual tastes of the lady involved in business.

Description of Business:

The River Wench caters to the rivermen of the Chionthar. Though it is called an inn, it is one in name only as no rooms are ever for rent. The Wench's main service is prostitution. And judging by the finery found in the private taproom, it seems that business is very good. The usual patrons are found in the common room, but for a small extra fee, the private room is available. There the customers are served and pampered by the ladies of the Wench. Of course, if a patron finds one of the ladies particularly attractive, the relationship can become closer for an additional fee.


Arden Toborson (hf, N, 3rd level Thief)

Arden was born in Arylon to a large middle-class family. Not seeing a chance to improve her status and admiring the 'freedom' of the lower-class (she was always instructed by her mother that she must try to improve her status), she took up thievery. One of her favorite tactics was to lure the mark to a dark alley in promise of 'a meeting of the minds' then quickly snatch his purse while the victim's pants were literally down. Her escape was cut off once and physical harm became a distinct possibility. Agility and luck were her saviors. Seeing the dangers of this method of operating, she decided to open up a place in which she could control the surroundings. Thus, the River Wench was born. Though never participating in the business herself, she has had no trouble fostering it.

Arden recently became a topic of conversation when rumor had it that Thorne Lyonspur of the council of Arylon was involved with her. While they are friendly, there are no truths to these rumors. In fact, Thorne did not know what she did until after they had become friends. Arden feared their relationship was over after her profession was revealed until Thorne called on her at the Wench. Unfortunately, this was observed and gossip spread of Thorne visiting the Wench. Unknown to Thorne, Arden's deepest wish is that the rumors were true.

She has fallen in love with the quiet man. Unused to denying herself anything, she at first hoped to steal him from his wife, but she soon realized that he was devoted to her completely. Arden has resigned herself to being only his friend and actually admires Lady Lyonspur for capturing such a man. Rumor also has it that Arden must have plans for a council seat herself as no one understands her attraction to Thorne.

Arden has never questioned the women who work for her about their reasons for doing so, and she gives them a substantial portion of the profits. Some leave the Wench, but there are always women eager to take their places due to the fact that those who work there soon become very well off.

Sinamus the Great (hm, CG, 0-level, chef)

Sinamus met Arden when his ship docked in Arylon and he wandered into the Wench. Being a little slow, he asked for the finest rooms. He was flabbergasted at the beauty of the ladies he met and the blandness of the food he was served. It was soon settled that he did not come looking for that sort of entertainment, and Arden, who had recognized the well-known chef, offered him twice his current salary to take on the duties of cook (the title was later changed to chef at Sinamus' request). Now the food is equal to the beauty of the ladies of the Wench.

Brin Mansfield (hm, LN, 2nd level fighter)

Brin joined Arden in her venture early on and is the first person patrons meet when they enter the Wench. He runs the common room, tending bar and keeping any trouble that arises confined to the common room. He is a large man who has a talent for using any item at hand in a manner that inflicts the most pain on troublemakers.

Kalim Al-Thul (hm, LN, 0-level)

Kalim oversees the private room and its bar, and receives the fees of the guests. He is from the mysterious land of Zakhara and remains as exotic as his homeland.

The Ladies of the Wench (0-level)

The six ladies of the Wench represent as many different nations as possible. Min is from the land of Kara-Tur. She remains silent at all times, but her beauty is rivaled by none. Celeste is from Waterdeep and is the most experienced of the ladies. Lystana is half-elven and was raised in the Heartlands of the Realms. She has more elven features than human and is thus one of the more popular ladies. Malisha is Arylon-born and one of the first to come and work for Arden. Syn is from Tethyr and adds to the exotic feel of the Wench's ladies. Penappola hails from Elturel. Though not as beautiful as the others, she is attractive. She looks like the sort of comfortable woman a man would like to marry.

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