Name: Reselik (gm, Ill 7, NG) Owner of Scoundrel's Golden Wines

Submitted by: Koby Nahamias

Stats: S 9, D 15, Con 14, I 17, W 16, Cha 13; 90 years old, 3'6", 180 lbs.

Reselik is an Illusionist, although he will never confess to this. He will even use illusions to hide the fact. He is tired of adventuring and nothing will get him to leave the security of his new home. He fled from Krynn during the chaos war. For years he lived in Sigil, so he knows quite a bit about the planes, but will never give out this information. He was brought to Toril by the elven master thief, Dain Hawkreadge.

Reselik does not like people prying into his personal affairs. He is happy in Arylon and will be happier when people leave him alone. The only person he would like to open up to is the very nice gnomish lady he saw in the bar last night, but that is none of your business.


Reslingmakerandotherwinesaswell, also known as Reselik, was born in Mount Nevermind 90 years ago. His father died while Reselik was still young. He was killed unpleasantly as the machine he was working on tried to remove his leaves, ferment him slowly and pour him into a glass bottle. It was for this reason that Reselik was given his traditional Life Quest at a very early age. He was to build an auto-fermentor for automatic wine making.

However things went terribly wrong, and after five years of work the auto-fermentor was completed. Not only did it work but Reselik had reduced it from a hulking jumble of pipes and pistons three stories high to a steam boiler. Reselik was kicked out of Mount Nevermind and proclaimed a total failure by his family and friends.

During the War of the Lance, Reselik was in Flotsam, tending a small store and living happily. The first wave of darkness took that away as the Black Dragonarmy overran his store and forced him to the streets. Reselik traveled to Kenderhome and helped in the fight against Lord Toede and his army. He discovered the forests of Kenderhome were ideal for wine, and made arrangements to install a winery. He personally remained in Kenderhome for a short time and returned to Flotsam as soon as the great war ended. He opened a wine shop and ran a thriving business, until Chaos came.

Wave after wave of darkness came, first the Knights of Takhisis and then the demons of chaos. The people of Flotsam fought for their very lives as the chaos tried to devour everything. Two heroes from Toril appeared in Krynn at this time, Dain and Tristan Hawkreadge. They helped fight against the hordes of darkness. When the city was about to fall, the brothers managed to save a few people by taking them from the world of Krynn and into the city of Sigil. Reselik was among the few rescued.

Reselik met Wind, a friend of Dain's, during his time in Sigil. Wind continued Reselik's training in illusionary magic. Reselik had initially learned the rudiments of illusions when he served as an alchemist. Reselik went though a number of city adventures with Dain, Tristan and a drow named Kevin Nac'car. He decided Sigil was NOT where he would like to live the rest of his days. So, after living in Sigil for three years, Reselik had made his fortune again and decided to move to a prime material plane, where life was normal. Krynn was inaccessible, so he couldn't go home. After several long conversations with Dain, Reselik moved to Toril.

Reselik spent about a year in the Western Heartlands and Cormyr. He moved from city to city using gold and wine expertise to familiarize himself with Faerunian wines and make contacts with trading caravans. On one of his travels, he discovered the city of Arylon. Using his contacts in the Heartlands, Reselik set his wine supply line and built his store. The name "Scoundrel's Golden Wines" is a private joke between Dain and Reselik. Arylon is relatively new to trade and has many business opportunities. It also sits near a trade road from north to south and from the east to anywhere. He could have chosen Berdusk but he didn't. He prefers the "off-the-beaten-path" feel of Arylon, plus from what he's heard about Harpers he wants to stay as faraway from them as possible.

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