Name: Randal Dylar (hm, 8th lvl thief, NG)

Submitted by: Blake Ladenburger


Randal is a dark-skinned man standing about 5'9", 150 lbs.. He is in his late 30's, with short curly black hair and piercing dark blue eyes. He usually dresses quite lavishly in expensive dark colored suits and silk shirts. He also wears a gold ring in his right ear.

Randal is a nice and generous man who will help anyone if he can. He usually speaks his mind and never makes an idle boast or promise he can't back with action.

Above all, Randal's first love is gambling and he wins more often than he loses. On the occasions when he has lost, he has been lucky not to lose too much. Whether gambling with friends or strangers he plays for keeps, and always takes the game very seriously.

Randal grew up in the small town of Easting where his parents ran a small inn. When he was growing up, his parents taught him how to run the inn hoping in time he would take over, but Randal had different plans. He didn't want to stay in Easting his whole life running some 'smelly old inn'. So when he turned 18 he headed out on his own. He traveled throughout the northern regions of the Realms. He saw everything from the great city of Calimport to the horrors of Undermountain and survived to tell the tale. He made and lost many friends in his travels but he never let that stop him from adventuring. He saw many beautiful things in his day but of all the places he had seen and explored his favorite place was the small town of Arylon. Mid-way between the cities of Waterdeep and Calimport, Arylon was a safe haven for Randal. It gave Randal a chance to get away from the bustle of the world and a chance to relax in a place where he didn't have to watch his back all the time. Every chance he got he would stop to visit with his old friend Janus who owned the Golden Goblet, the best Gambling hall in town. Ten years ago when Randal first visited Arylon he met Janus and found the Golden Goblet. His love for gambling has drawn him back repeatedly and he has developed a firm friendship with Janus. In fact, his love for the Goblet, and for his friend, is what stopped him from adventuring. One day Janus told Randal that he was going to retire and wanted him to take over the hall. Randal wasn't sure at first, but he eventually accepted, and has been running the place every since. Of course, Janus comes in from time to time to tell him what he is doing wrong, but Randal wouldn't want this relationship to be any other way.

As for Randal's past, little is known about him in the city of Arylon. He refuses to discuss it, choosing instead to focus on the present.. His past is left a mystery to his closest friends, barring Janus, and most of them respect his wishes on this point and don't push for information. Randal's reasons for being so secretive are focused around his adventuring days. He blames himself for the deaths of some of his friends and doesn't like to talk about this time period. In addition, he is ashamed of some of the things he has done while acting as a thief and doesn't want to be reminded of the follies of his youth.

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