Name of business: The Quartered Orc

Submitted by:

Business conducted in the building: Tavern

Owner: Jardal

Number and Types of employees: Jardal

Description of business:

The Quartered Orc is exclusively a drinking and meeting establishment. The barroom is the only room and is twice as large as the other shops in the building. The room is dark and other than the bar and five tables, the room is empty.

All of the beverages served are stored on the shelves behind the bar. There is no gambling, and there are no rooms for rent, however the claim to fame is that the drinks are cheap, making it a great place to go when one wants to get drunk quickly after a hard day in the mines.

The name of the establishment reminds the local Dwarves of their deep hatred for Orcs, the sign out front is of an Orc being pulled to the four winds by four mules. The interior contains the preserved remains of an Orc, presumably the one on the sign with the quarters pegged to each of the four corners of the room. The customers who frequent the establishment don't seem to mind the grisly wall decorations however.

The prices are 1cp for a large tankard of ale or mead, 2cp for a shot of spirits.

All Dwarven Ales and Spirits available, though only a couple non-Dwarven beverages that Dwarves might commonly order are available.


Name: Jardal (Shield Dwarf, Male, Age 50, 4'8", 150lbs, 4, Fighter/ Barkeep, NG)

Stats: Str: 14; Dex: 12; Con: 15; Cha: 10; Int: 12; Wis: 13
HP: 33
Wealth: 1200gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Orc
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Brewing, Carpentry, Swimming
Weapon Proficiencies: Battle Axe, Hand Axe, Short Sword, Light Crossbow, Mace


Jardal is the mute blond-haired, blue-eyed owner of the Quartered Orc bar. Jardal was once a warrior until he was maimed in combat fighting in one of the numerous wars the dwarves fought with the orcs. The injury stole his voice and for many years he quietly tended his bar in retirement.

One day he discovered an unusual talent, telepathic sending. He has no control over the talent as it comes when most needed. The nature of the ability has been inexplicable by any priests or wizards he has met.

The talent first manifested itself when an adventurer stopped for a few drinks one day. Apparently, the fellow had made some nasty enemies, for an assassin tried to kill him in the bar. Jardal saw what was going to happen, knew he couldn't stop the attack and wanted to scream out a warning his voice hadn't been able to for years. Remarkably, the adventurer heard the "scream", as did everyone in the bar, taking everyone by surprise, including the assassin. In the end, the adventurer overcame the assassin, but Jardal was so drained from the sending that he collapsed to the floor for an hour.

Though there wasn't a mark on him, the patrons wondered what the assassin had done to him. None present could explain how the mute bartender had managed to "scream" a warning, only that all present were sure that was exactly what had happened.

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