Name of Building: The Post House

Submitted By Jeff Bray <>

Type of Building: 3 story wood frame with stone foundation.

Business conducted: Inn/Tavern

Ward: Inner

Owner: Lord Lenzner Dressel (F3 LG hm)

Number and Types of Employees: 14.

4 waiters:
Trinec (F0 LG hm)
Minnie (F0 NG hf)
Rosa (F0 NG, hf)
Kenan (F0 LN hm)
2 bouncers:
Nat the Hamfist (F1 LG hm S16)
Baethagalos Tuinin (F1 CG hm SP: wrestling)
2 cooks:
Mycetis Kilver (F0 LG hm)
Jaln Frenq (F0 N hm)
5 maids:
Unnamed (F0 var hm)
1 handyman:
Altin Smithson (P1 (Gond) N hm)

Description of Building:

The Post House is large, stone and wood building that appears to be an old structure, but kept up very well. The dimensions are 50 by 80 feet. The signboard has a galloping horse with a scroll overhead on it. There is always a burly doorman that requires all patrons to show him their coins before he will allow entry. The ground floor is stone up to one's chest before timber takes over. The interior ground floor level has a foyer entry which has steps down into the large common room. The room is fairly large with a number of finished tables and chairs scattered throughout. The walls are paneled in wood. There are bench style tables lining the left wall and the right wall has 3 doors, an opening and 4 curtained-off openings. The far wall contains the hearth, and over the hearth is the head of a griffon. The opening leads to stairs up to the second and third floors. There is a door by the stair that leads to the jakes. The curtained-off areas are private dining areas that allow one to be hidden from view and keep eavesdropping to a minimum. The doors lead to the larder (with stairs to the basement), the kitchen, and Lord Lenzner's office in that order. One of the curtained areas has a secret trapdoor to the basement. The basement is mainly storage for keeping the Post House well stocked. There is a connection to the sewers in the basement that is protected with a Magic Mouth spell that screams when disturbed by any creature larger than a cat.

The second floor has 12 rooms available for let. They are all equipped with a chair, a travel chest, 2 beds, a chamber pot, and brazier. Four rooms have fireplaces and 2 of them have large kettle pots for bathing. These rooms do not cost extra, but are hard to get. The third floor has the personal chambers of Lord Lenzner. They consist of a parlor, small office, and bedroom. The headwaiter, Trinec has a 2-room suite, as does Lord Donegal. There are 5 small rooms for any other workers currently employed if they wish to stay here.

Lord Lenzner has had the attic and roof warded against fire. He has also had a Glyph of Warding-paralysis (set by a P7 of Deneir) placed on his office and bedroom. All doors to personal rooms are locked with good quality locks (-5% to pick).

Description of Business:

The Post House is an upscale inn and taproom run by a scion of the Dressel noble family. The service and the quality of food and drink are excellent here. The prices are high, so it keeps out most of the "undesirable" element on strength of cost alone. Lord Lenzner runs this business as a hobby for a number of reasons. He likes living in Arylon proper rather than on the family's estate. This allows him to do so and keep himself busy. He also doesn't get along well with his older brother and prefers to avoid involvement in the family's financial holdings. The place turns a slight profit since there is always a market for those who wish to drink and converse in relative peace and quiet. The patrons tend to be older and/or wealthier residents, well-heeled travelers that wish to have company but not rowdiness, and adventurers recuperating and avoiding more fights.

The Post House serves standard fare supplemented by either Lord Lenzner or his brother Donegal's latest hunt quarry; usually boar, deer, or owlbear from the Wood of Sharp Teeth. The help are courteous and efficient. Trinec is the headwaiter and is very polished in manner. He is middle aged, nondescript and wears white silk shirts and black felt pants when on duty. The other wait staff are more common and their speech and appearance reflects this. The cooks are above average and have been employed since the place opened 14 years ago. The bar is well stocked since the patrons have the funds to buy more than watery beer or fiery rotgut liquor. Rooms for let are well kept and clean.

The Post House has a half-elf bard on retainer by the name of Annalise (NPC by Kimberly Moser). She plays mainly ballads and tells stories. Lord Donegal dislikes merry tunes and most other regulars either agree with or humor the younger lord.


The Post House was originally a military post house during the Tethyrian era some 300 years ago. The bottom floor were stables where courier riders could change mounts on their way from garrison to garrison. The upper floors were barracks and officer's quarters. When Amn rose, Tethyrian control was relinquished. The Silver Crescents used this as a base until their legitimization. When they moved into Mahdanae Sangh, the place fell to disuse. Twenty-some years ago, the Dressel family obtained the building to renovate into a townhouse and family offices in the city. This didn't work out as planned and Lord Lenzner began to convert it into a tavern. Fourteen years ago, the place opened as the Post House. Trinec and the cooks have been here since the beginning and are highly loyal and well paid. Lord Lenzner had a griffon head mounted as a reminder of the original use of the building. The griffon was used by Royal Couriers carrying the most important dispatches.

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