Name of building: The Pick Axe Inn and Tavern

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Type of building: Inn and Tavern

Business conducted in the building: Food, drinks, rooms, some gambling.

Owners: Evanyl and Sally

Number and Types of employees:
Evanyl - (Owner - Moon Elf, male, 4th lvl fighter)
Sally - (Owner - Half-elf, female, 4th lvl bard)
Faror - (Bartender - Shield Dwarf, male, 2nd level fighter)
Da, Doron, Thrala - (bar maids - Shield Dwarves, females, 0 Level)
Dwim - (cook - Shield Dwarf, male, 0 level)

Description of building:

The Pick Axe Inn is situated directly across the road from Moradin's Forge in the 'Dwarven Quarter' of Trade Ward. The 'Dwarven Quarter' does not officially exist on any map, nor is it an official designation. It is however an area where most of the Dwarven citizens of Arylon tend to live. Pulled together by the Dwarven sense of community, the area could almost be qualified as a Hearth.

The building stands 50' X 20' with two stories. The lower floor contains the bar room (40'X20'), with the bar, three benches (8'X3'), two gambling tables (6' dia.) for bones or cards, a large window (12') in front and the stairs to the upper level. This level also contains the kitchen (10'X20') with various preparation surfaces, cupboards, a fire pit, the cook's bed, and a pantry (10'X6') with a trap door to the cold cellar (20'X30').

The upper level contains Evanyl's room (10'X20') with a double bed, two nightstands, a chest of drawers, dresser and a wardrobe with a window looking down out front. The upper level also has 4 rooms for rent (9'X17' each) each with a double bed, two nightstands, and a dresser with a window looking down out front.

Description of business:

The bar serves all patrons, but their primary food and drink tends to the Dwarven preferences.

A tankard of ale is 3cp, a flagon of Dwarven Spirits is 1gp. Mead and other common drinks are available, but are not in high demand. The food fair is common, filling and again, geared to the Dwarven palette, food typically runs at 5sp a plate.

A room for the night costs 7sp. Company for the night is up to the patron to arrange, and any arrangements are neither encouraged nor frowned upon by the establishment. "What you do with your life and time is your business, as long as the room is paid for and you don't damage anything or anybody." Most use the rooms for the night, or when "passing through" town. The Inn does not provide baths for its clientele. The outhouse in the rear and chamber pots provide the required sanitation for the Inn. Being an Elf, and more concerned with physical cleanliness than dwarves, Evanyl has been thinking of adding a bath, even if only in his room. He tends to mention it every once in a while when business is going well, "Maybe it's time to get a bath put in around back". In the mean time, Evanyl and Sally travel outside the dwarven quarter to visit the public baths to attend to their bathing needs. However, this leaves them open to attack from the elves who are stalking Evanyl.

Gambling at the tables is run by whomever comes in and wishes to run it, the house allows any to use the tables to run games, as long as they split the proceeds with the establishment 50-50. Ovak Law Wielder can usually be seen at nights running a game of cards.

The establishment takes a dim view of anyone who commits a crime on the premises. Punishment is swift and harsh, and normally delivered by a dwarven hammer.

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