Name: Philomel Arvanan (0-level ef, serving girl for the Greenleaf)

Submission by: Kimberly Moser


Philomel has the true ephemeral beauty of the elves. She has flowing, silver-white hair and delicate, emerald green eyes. Philomel is a mute. She is 103 years old, stands 5'6", and weighs 82 pounds.


Philomel is the youngest child of Tianna and Morgreve Arvanan. She and Kielaylan are the sole surviving members of their family. In 1345 DR, an Incantatrix came to the Arvanan home searching for a young woman to take as sacrifice to a wyrm she was currently serving. Philomel was the first suitable candidate the mage discovered. Philomel's parents desperately tried to stop the mage and only succeeded in getting themselves, and their other family members, killed.

Philomel fought the Incantatrix with everything she had, biting, scratching, stabbing and pulling hair. Though the Incantatrix finally tied and gagged her, Philomel was able to free the gag and began screaming as the mage dragged her from the homestead. The woman stopped, unstoppered a vial of acid and poured it into Philomel's mouth and down her throat. Philomel never dreamed such pain existed. Her throat and mouth were burned and horribly scarred by the liquid.

Philomel doesn't remember much of the journey through the Snakewood. From time to time she heard chirps and whistles from her eldest brother as he followed them. She tried to keep her hopes up until she heard him scream in pain. The Incantatrix had prepared a trap for him and he blindly walked into a net of magical energy. The mage forced Philomel to watch her brother's agony until he fell and moved no more. The mage continued her journey after the apparent demise of the elfling male, and Philomel lost consciousness again.

Philomel woke in a small cavern. She was lying on her side and her arms and legs were bound. She heard voices but couldn't understand them. Lights danced and played along the walls and dull explosions rumbled through the air. Then her brother was at her side, he cut the ropes and picked her up muttering soothing noises the entire time. When the lights and rumbling paused for a short time, her brother carried her outside. He nestled her on his cloak between two boulders, then he went back to the cave.

Later he and a half-elf returned and began discussing options. Both the half-elf and her brother were enraged by Philomel's condition. Her brother and the half-elven female came to an agreement and traveled to Eshpurta where Philomel was tended by priests. She saw the half-elf pay them a large sum of money and her brother protested saying it was his responsibility to care for his sister.

Philomel spent a number of months in the care of the priests. She has no idea what it cost but the half-elf, Shandaria, has never asked to be repaid. Philomel watched her brother becoming attached to Shandaria and felt sorry for him. Her family was raised in strict, traditional elven ways. What Philomel saw blooming between her brother and the half-elf would only end in tragedy.

During the time she was recovering, Philomel thought about the attack and her capture. She began to feel responsible for the death of her family and began waning in health and spirit. Shandaria spoke with Philomel and convinced her to live. Shandaria, also told her about Kielaylan's oath. Shandaria was concerned by it and told Philomel she could not watch him throw his life away in vengeance. Philomel agreed.

After Philomel recovered enough to travel, they went to a town called Arylon. Philomel appreciates Arylon, it has a little bit of everything. More importantly, she and her brother began building a home and life again. Shandaria opened an inn, the Greenleaf, and Philomel volunteered to help as a serving girl. Her life is almost perfect. The only thing she wishes, is for her brother to cease what she considers a suicidal oath.

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