Name: Palewan "Six-Fingers" Fray

Submitted by: Mark Oliva

Race: Human, 37 yrs, 5' 11", 190 lbs.
Sex: Male
Level: 0
Class: none (master sawyer)
Alignment: NG
Strength: 15
Constitution: 15
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 7
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 11
Profession: master sawyer
Wealth: 3,500 gps
Languages: Common
Reading and writing: Common


"Six-Fingers" was born in Arylon in the Year of the Sword and Stars (1332 DR). He is a stocky man with muscular arms and only scarred stubs where a thumb and three fingers once grew, typical for sawmill workers. "Six-Fingers", his wife, Gendanna, and their three children, live in quarters above the sawmill. "Six-Fingers" is a family man and turns up usually only one evening a tenday in the Chionthar Arloneden brewery tavern, where he usually plays cards while sipping traditional dark Arylon malt beer.


"Six-Fingers" represents the fifth generation to run a sawmill in Arylon. The Chionthar Docks Lumber Co. was founded by his great-great grandfather in the Year of the Full Flagon (1234 DR), razed during the orc invasion in the Year of the Lost Lady (1241 DR), rebuilt the following year and has been operated without interruption by the Frays ever since. "Six-Fingers" took the mill over at age 29, when his late father retired in the Year of Maidens (1361 DR).

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