Name of building: The Owl's Hole Shop

Submitted by: Landy Owen

Type of Building: One story brick structure

Business conducted: selling antiques of all kinds, arcane books and tomes, some spell ingredients; contact for magical creations.

Owner: Sandalaron Britehand

Number and type of employees:
1 Handyman/clerk
-Boodernon (hm, F4, LN) Str 18/29; Con 17

Description of building:

The Owl's Hole Shop is a large, single story building made entirely out of stone. It has a large, well organized and spacious interior divided into the antique display room and the books, tomes, and workshop areas. Most of the center of the display room, 40'x60', is packed with antiques of all shapes and sizes from every corner of the continent. On shelves about the exterior of the room, one can see items representing most of the known races and their histories. At the front of the shop is a closed-in area, 10'x8', with a large window facing the street. This area contains special deals and rare tomes and books for public viewing.

The back half of the display room, a 40'x20' area, houses numerous shelves and tables containing books and works mostly dealing with arcane information. At rear of the building, seperated by a stone wall and a single door, is the workshop, 40'x40'.

Description of business:

The Owl's Hole Shop deals primarily in antiques, books and tomes. Almost any type of antique item can be found here, from the dining chairs of King Azoun I to a collection of goblin shaman rune sticks. The only type of antique items not found are magical ones. The books and tomes section houses anywhere from 1500 to 3000 books, tomes, writings and works, some dating back to the early 100s DR. Most of these writings deal with events and workings of the arcane. Many of the remaining books involve the histories of different races. Sandalaron, the owner, is available to answer questions about a specific topic and direct people to proper works. If a purchase is made on any large antique item, Boodernon will deliver it to any place within a few miles of the city at no extra cost. Visitors are directed to sign or give their names and the item or items they are interested in for entry into a log. If at a later time Sandalaron finds another piece, he can try to find the interested party.

Boodernon is a large, 6'5", round shouldered man, with huge, heavily calloused hands that look capable of tearing the head off a Gobin with a single twist. He was an exceptional fighter before he made the mistake of looking full into the face of an Umber Hulk while adventuring with Sandalaron in the High Moors. The Umber Hulk and 2 others, apparently, were waiting in ambush as Sandalaron, Boodernon and their party were exploring a buried crypt. Sandalaron managed to escape with Boodernon and 1 of the other party members, but the effects of the confusion on Boodernon have not diminished as much as Sandalaron expected. The loyal mage decided to give Boodernon a place to live and work. The handyman refrains from speaking because he realizes that his speech is not what it once was. If pushed to respond repeatedly, he becomes incensed, and will forceably remove the offending person from the shop. He hardly ever leaves the shop, except to make deliveries, and sleeps on a cot at the back of the workshop.

Sandalaron is very proud of his establishment, and will tolerate no disturbances that might damage any goods. Boodernon is more than capable of dealing with any ruffians or horseplay in the shop.

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