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Name: Ovak Law Wielder (Shield Dwarf, Male, 57 yrs, 4' 2", 160 lbs., 5th Level, Thief (Investigator kit), LG, Corporal - Silver Crescents )

Submitted by: Jim Millington

Attributes: Str 11; Dex 16; Con 12; Cha 16; Int 12; Wis 8
Alignment: LG
Wealth: 100gp
XP: 18500
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Short Bow, Short Sword
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Information Gathering, Observation, Intimidation, Alertness
HP: 20
Thieving Abilities: PP 10, OL 35, FRT 30, MS 70, HIS 75, DN 80, CW 50, RL 0
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common, Gnome, elvish, Thieves Cant.
Equipment: 1 suit of Leather Armor, Thieves Picks and various other tools, Wrist Sheaths, Blade Boots, 2 each of arrows (stone bite, wood biter, major grapple), 1 Short Sword, 4 Daggers, 1 folding short bow, 14 regular arrows and quiver, Clothing, and General Supplies.


Ovak is taller and heavier than his brothers, with red hair and brown eyes. Ovak always wears a stern, business-like expression. He can always be seen wearing his uniform from the Silver Crescents. He will wear this even at the gambling table as a reminder to the patrons that the Law is always present. Criminals joke that he wears it even to bed.


Ovak Law Wielder, one of three Law Wielder brothers living in Arylon's Dwarven Quarter, is a full-time member of the Silver Crescents, maintaining the peace, especially in the Dwarven Quarter.

Ovak is the most focused of the three Law Wielder brothers. Where Kilaim is mostly interested in enjoying the moment, and Farak is most concerned about Dwarven tradition, Ovak concerns himself with keeping the peace. Most other pursuits in the area don't interest him. His position of corporal in the Silver Crescents gives him a limited command, the two most notable members under him are his brothers, who would have advanced themselves if they hadn't split their attentions on other skills. Ovak and his brothers were raised in Tempus's Tears, a town at a cross-roads a few miles North of Arylon. While there, they worked as Amaeraszantha's eyes (Volo's Guide to the Swordcoast), protecting the ruins' stones from being plundered.

They moved to Arylon chasing the promise of the mining opportunities they heard tell of. They started by following their clan's primary task of law enforcement. Unfortunately, the mining opportunities they heard about turned out to be copper. While there was a high demand for it, the brothers primary skills lay in forging and working metal- not processes that were needed in the copper trade. Ovak was the only one who concentrated on law enforcement to the exclusion of all other skills. Thus, he has moved up in the ranks of the Silver Crescents where the other brothers have stayed at the rank of private. Ovak, like his brothers, wishes to increase his fortune and standing in the community to enhance his chances of finding a wife, although this goal is not as driving as in most Dwarves. He plans to gain a wife through earning more respect by doing his duty, than by increasing his wealth.

Ovak carries himself with a serious, business-like attitude almost all of the time. He is careful not to drink too much. Often he will make a drink last all night, making it seem that he is drinking more than he is with frequent very small sips that look like gulps. Ovak is somewhat personable, only more reserved than his brothers. He can often be found running one of the card tables at the Pick Axe Inn in his off time. Ovak had two reasons for running the tables. First, he enjoys the activity and gains a 50% cut of the tables proceeds. His second reason is that it is also one of the most likely places that will require peace keeping and Ovak never considers himself off-duty. Often the peace keeping needed at the Pick Axe is directly due to his two brothers.

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