Name of building: Arylon Orphanage

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

Type of building: three story stone structure

Business conducted in the building: Protection of orphaned children

Owner: Kethryllia Hawksong

Number and Types of employees:


  • Aidan (0 level human) in charge of boys 5-12
  • Kirk (0 level human) in charge of boys 12-18
  • Lizelle (0 level human) in charge of girls 5-12
  • Sorcha (0 level human) in charge of girls 12-18
  • Ellisarra (0 level half-elf) in charge of children under 5
Kitchen Staff:
  • Two Unnamed (0 level humans)
  • Four Unnamed (0 level humans)

Description of building:

The Arylon Orphanage is a large, sprawling three-story building constructed mainly from stone. The top floor contains living quarters for Kethryllia and her son. The middle floor consists of sleeping quarters for the children. This is divided into five dormitories: one for children under five, one for boys 5-12, one for girls 5-12, one for boys 12-18 and one for girls 12-18. Each dormitory includes a room for the counselor of that section. The ground floor consists of a kitchen, a dining hall and two large playrooms for the children.

Description of business:

The Arylon Orphanage is a haven for homeless children. Funded originally by Kethry it is now kept afloat through private donations. Adoption is encouraged; however, Kethry thoroughly investigates the prospective parents. (The investigations may include breaking into their homes when they aren't present.) Kethry refuses to send children to bad homes. Kethry has never thrown any child out of the orphanage, even when they reach 18. She attempts to apprentice each child in a trade. If they seem unemployable by other people, she takes them in as cleaning staff/cooking staff/counselors for the school/orphanage/inn. Officially, children are registered until age 18. So, in all likelihood, she may have up to half-a-dozen 'adults' living in the older children's room.

Meals are served between 7-9, 12-2 and 5-7. The local children of the poorer families are invited to receive meals at the orphanage. They are also welcome to attend the orphanage school.

Kethry actively searches for homeless children. She expects her associates to search as well. Upon discovering a child she will try to cajole them into staying at the orphanage. If forced, she may kidnap a child to protect them from a dangerous situation. In her mind, she is doing this for their own good.

All children are registered and head counts are performed daily. If a child is missing, Kethry personally heads the search for the missing youngster. When she discovers the kidnapper, swift retribution occurs. Kethry's temper is firmly aroused when one of her 'children' is threatened. She has resorted to murder while in defense of the children.

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