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Name of building: Opelen's Wonderful Hall of Games

Submitted by: Brian Vilarino (

Type of building: A renovated, two story, red brick building

Business conducted in the building: Gambling

Owner: Opelen Vanderthump

Number and Types of employees: 25 Employees
2 managers:
Baley Glensworth - day manager
Dinkly Dinkly - night manager
20 dealers: 5 day, 9 swing, 6 night
10 Bouncers: 2 day, 4 swing, 4 night
5 waitresses:
Tara, Harpin, Jahary, Lari, Jacelynn
2 barmaids:
Bridgit & Aleena

Description of building:

The building currently occupied by Opelen's Wonderful Hall of Games has seen many owners. Originally one of the biggest inns in town, business declined during the Time of Troubles and it closed. One year later, it was taken over by two businessmen who opened it as a business catering to adventurers looking for work (a kind of adventurers employment agency). It's not known what exactly happened to this business; it just closed up without a trace. The building was then taken over by a local thieves' guild. No one is quite sure when the thieves' guild took over. One night while there was no one in the building, a mage cast a fireball into the building. The resulting fire gutted the building. It is unknown who the mage was (or if it was even a mage for that matter), but there was a known feud going on between the thieves' and mages' guilds. The nature of the feud is unknown for sure but there are many rumors going around including that the mages' guild was burglarized by the thieves. The building stayed in this condition until Opelen came along and bought the building. He hired a work crew and had it renovated and cleaned. It is once again a beautiful building. There have been rumors running around lately about underground passages leading to the treasure store of the old thieves' guild.

Description of business:

Opelen's Wonderful Hall of Games is a bustling gaming hall offering almost any game known in the Western Heartlands. Inside, patrons will find a very courteous staff. The dealers are some of the most pleasant in town, and often smile and make conversation with the gamers. When someone loses they even wish them Tymora's luck for the next round. Opelen's is open 20 hours a day from 6 am to 2 am. The four hours Opelen's is closed are used to clean and restock. The staff works according to the following schedule - Day: 6am-2pm; Swing: 2pm-10pm; Night: 10pm-6am (night shift helps clean).

Opelen's is a high-class establishment, offering the best in food and drink. Many pass time here even if they don't partake of the gambling offered, coming just to have a drink in the bar area which is in the northwestern corner of the first level. It serves any drink that can be found in the Heartlands and even some from outside. There are two barmaids, one that works the day shift and one that works the night shift. There are three waitress, one on days, one on swing, and one on nights.

Also on this floor is an entertainment area and the pit which is run by the managers. They are the only ones allowed to touch the coins. Customers must purchase and cash in their chips from the managers. This cuts down the risk of losing money to light fingered employees.

Opelen's is a very clean establishment where fighting and cheating are not tolerated. Any unrest is handled efficiently by house security. The offending person is then handed over to the proper authorities. Complaints are few and far between.


Name: Opelen Vanderthump (hm, 5th lvl bard, CG, Gaming house owner)


After adventuring for about three years, Opelen decided that risking his life for money wasn't the job for him. He came to Arylon about a year ago after wandering around the Heartlands looking for a suitable place to settle. He knew that it was home as soon as he arrived. He took odd jobs around town, mostly those that involved playing his lute. For six months he played at parties, weddings, and other special events.

One day, depressed at his inability to find steady work, Opelen walked into a local tavern and began drinking. He hadn't worked a day in two weeks and was trying to figure out how he was going to make his next month's rent. Suddenly, the bar erupted with flying chairs and screams of anger. Turning around, he saw that the fight was over a card game. After the gentleman who instigated the fight was escorted out by the bouncer, Opelen joined the game. The game went well for Opelen, and he cleaned house. He took his winnings and decided to invest it for his future needs.

Opelen was debating with some friends about what type of investment to make when someone brought up the idea of starting a business. This sounded perfect. Considering how he got the money, Opelen decided to open a gaming hall. He bought an abandoned brick building and renovated it. On the third day of Kythorn in the Year of the Gauntlet (DR 1369), he opened his gaming hall with a full staff on hand. He shed a single tear of happiness as he looked at the sign above the door of his place swinging in the wind; Opelen's Wonderful Hall of Games.

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